2018 ENS workshop discussion topics


Please use this thread to suggest workshop discussion topics


The process of moving names to the new registrar would be a good one. Can it be as simple as someone (not necessarily the node owner) sending a transaction to the new registrar with the nodehash of the name in the current registrar or does it need more than that?

This is somewhat dependent on the rent model, as if there is one it isn’t fair for arbitrary people to be signed up to pay rent, but it could make the issue of domains owned by contracts and/or third-parties (e.g. domainsale, namebazaar) easier to migrate.


My understanding is that the design of the self regulating system to determine domain name costs and transfers is still open. One option is to use an adjusted version of Harberger Tax.

Here are some very preliminary thoughts on how this might work. Happy to discuss further in the workshop if others see some potential.