2019 ENS workshop discussion topics

We are planning on organising one day ENS workshop on either 7th or 8th October in Osaka.

Reference of previous year workshops are as follows.

Things I have in mind would be

  • Status update on (Permanent registrar migration and status update of short name auction).
  • Governance (is root domain multisig enough? what should we do with auction and renewal income)?
  • Adoption
  • Interoperability (including cross chain support, DNSSEC, contenthash, etc)
  • Lightning talks of participants

Anything else we should be discussing? Even though we did “unconf” style to decide topics on the day, I think it would be good to have top discussion list internally which could dictate who we want to invite to the workshop.

Let’s repost this as a public topic, so we can get feedback from the community too.

Brantly, can you start publicising the fact that we’re intending to have a pre-devcon workshop?