2021 ENS Roadmap - feedback welcome!

Hello, and happy 2021!

Here’s an update on our current road map plan. ENS has always been an open source and community-driven project. We’d appreciate your feedback.

You can read our last public roadmap from March 2020 here. Most of the things listed there have been accomplished; a few will be done soon; and a few remaining things we’ve decided not to pursue for the moment. We also just published a 2020 retrospective on our blog.

DNS namespace integration

  • Currently on testnet
  • Will make most 2LDs on DNS claimable on ENS by the DNS owners
  • Likely deployed on mainnet in February 2021

Scaling on L2

  • Blog post
  • Will make it possible to put subdomains and records on the L2 of your choice
  • Prototype, specification, implementation

New .ETH subdomain (3LD) capabilities

  • Making them NFTs
  • Enable 2LD owner to give up control of 3LD without giving up control of 2LD

Manager improvements

  • Redesign flow for setting reverse resolution
  • New UI for setting Public Resolver
  • Redesigned Content record flow
  • Support for SIA hashes in Content record
  • Re-add tool for uploading to IPFS with new service provider
  • More detailed info about name and relevant transactions (e.g. registering name, et al; not transactions received at the name)
  • Redesign app.ens.domains landing page

Locking control of .ETH in ENS root

  • Currently under audit
  • Will make it so root keyholders can’t change .ETH registrar contract, increasing the censorship-resistance of .ETH names


  • Help wallets give away subdomains once L2 work is done
  • Exchanges
  • Non-Ethereum wallets
  • New dapps
  • More use of reverse resolution

Thanks for the updates, Brantly. The visibility you provide (as well as Nick, Makoto and others) here and on Medium is awesome.

I suspect you’re already thinking of this, but making sure reclaim.ens.domains integrates with L2 is important. I’ve got a few dozen expired .eth names that can’t feasibly be claimed due to high gas costs. There are thousands unclaimed, expired names, as I’m sure you all know.

The whole ENS team has been really thoughtful about how this project gets built out and integrated everywhere. Thanks to all of you for your continued efforts!

Hi, Thank you for the feedback.

Yes, I hear you. I also have a few deposits still not reclaimed. Having said that, the deed contracts (the contracts your deposits are in) have no upgrade mechanism and I don’t think there is any way to move them to L2.

Ouch! Well, I appreciate the info. Perhaps the full upgrade to Eth 2.0 will help with sharding/sidechains then. We can hope, at least. I appreciate the response.