[4.4.3] [Social] Funding Request: ENS Public Goods Working Group

Status Passed
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Author coltron.eth

ENS Public Goods Working Group Funding Request


The ENS Public Goods Working Group requests funding of the below to support operations until the March 2024 funding window. The Working Group intends to refrain from requesting funds in the upcoming January 2024 Funding Window.

The Public Goods Working Group is responsible for supporting projects and builders as provisioned by Article III of the ENS DAO Constitution, which provides direction for the DAO to fund public goods that benefit the broader Ethereum and Web3 Ecosystems.

This social proposal is submitted to satisfy the requirements set out in Rule 10.1.1 of the Working Group Rules (EP 1.8). If this proposal is passed, the funding request will be included in a collective executable proposal put forward by all three Working Groups.


This specification is the amount requested from the DAO treasury to the Public Goods Multisig to fulfil anticipated budgetary needs through March 2024.

Amount Requested from DAO 218,204 35 0


Current Public Goods Wallet Balance

(Values expected as of October 20th, 2023 - Use hyperlinked wallet names to see current balances.)

ens-publicgoods.pod.xyz 184,796 25 1,352


Expected Expenses through March 2024

Large Grants 300,000 - -
Small Grants - 45 -
Events & Hackathons 50,000 - -
Discretionary 53,000 15 -
Total Projected Expenses 403,000 60 1,352

Description of Initiatives/Pods

Large Grants

Grants up to 50k USDC with applications accepted on a rolling basis throughout the term. Large Grants are resuming in Q4 2023 and should be allocated through Q1 2024.

Small Grants

Multiple micro-grants voted on by the community. Small Grants is resuming this term with modifications to the voting format. Three rounds, totalling 15 ETH each, are expected to occur until March 2023.

Events and Hackathons

The working group will provide support to Public Goods events and hackathons. Following discussions around hackathon opportunities, we want to ensure we have available funding if requests arise.


The funds in this category are reserved for unforeseen grants and unexpected expenses for the term. Spending in this category is at the discretion of the working group stewards and may include grants not listed but in alignment with the purpose of this working group.

This proposal was prepared by coltron.eth, lead steward of the ENS Public Goods Working Group.

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I think the work done by the PG working group is good and will vote for this proposal.