About the reward of ENS holders?

     Recently, I have read a lot of discussions on the rewards of ENS holders, but I still don't know how ENS holders get rewards in this DAO.
      Some people oppose using ENS to pay registration fees and provide dividends to ens holders. However, there is an economic system in most cryptocurrency systems. Cryptocurrency holders, including BTC and eth, actually get some incentives from the system, which is also an important part of maintaining decentralization.
     I see people talk about making ENS a kind of pure governance token in DAO. Now the tokens have been dropped and traded in the open market, which has formed the market value. When the price falls, the tokens may be purchased in large quantities. Isn't it more dangerous for DAO?
    I think if the holders do not have an incentive system, many holders will not pay attention to the voting right, which is not conducive to the ideal DAO governance. Secondly, a large number of eth are actually held in the DAO, which is in itself a significant interest. If the ENS holder does not have an incentive system, let the ENS govern the DAO. Does this mean that people without stakeholders decide the DAO?
     Now it seems to fall into a paradox?
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