Accidently transfered claimed ens tokens back to

HELP! I claimed my tokens and upon sending 12 to my brother - the address I copied and pasted went to ENSDOMAINS.IO via a smart contract. HOW can I get them to send me back my tokens??

how many times are you going to post? LOL. There is atleast one other user who has done the same thing. Read here:

Thanks @grasponcrypto.eth ! Very helpful to support our cause. @echobunny93 Let’s keep in touch as we lobby!

YES & YES @slacker @grasponcrypto.eth I’m so grateful to see that I’m not the only one who ran into this issue. And I have faith that it will be rectified!

dont have faith, go out and make it happen! I will vote in favor of returning the funds to the address which originally sent them to the contract address. Its fairly trivial since those funds were rightfully distributed and claimed, and will be reclaimed by the DAO. It would almost be dishonest to NOT return those funds, imo.

I see @slacker has already made the proposal, and I will definitely be in favor of it myself. Now its up to you, @echobunny93, to make sure you support the case and encourage others to understand and help.