Add subdomain

Could someone please add a CNAME record at pointing to ?

I am attempting to get other chains to start using ENS for their name resolutions. And I want to tell them that they can do the ENS lookups on instead of telling them to simply use Infura.

The next step after this would be showing wallets the exact query to do an ENS lookup on

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Can’t help you with the first bit but there is decent documentation on the resolution piece at

We need this guide much more prominently linked to on People need to see how easy it is to integrate their product with ENS, even if their project isn’t ethereum-specific.

What backend to the guides on use? Infura?

If we can show how easy it is to resolve ENS names, then we can probably skip the

Yeah you still need a backend of some description; adding one at pointing to cloudflare is as good as any (not sure it’s any better than Infura in terms of decentralisation, but it’s a start).

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I’ve set up as requested.

Worth noting that the web3 server at isn’t compliant with the JSON-RPC spec, for example sending '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"net_version","params":[],"id":1}works but '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"net_version","id":1} (i.e. without the params) fails. This will most likely cause failures (it certainly stops Ethereal from working with their gateway).

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@virgil Can you ping them about this?

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I already did a day or two after they announced the service. Supposedly their engineering team has been made aware of the problem, but I haven’t seen any movement on actually fixing it.