Airdrop extention for x2 multiplier

GM all! I like many others may feel a bit left out of the full potential of the recent airdrop. It is my fault that I was unaware of the announcement for the airdrop and because if this I did not submit my primary ENS domain before the snapshot took place. I did however make this change the night prior to the airdrop. As a very busy working father of 3 and husband I was out of the loop on this one unfortunately. I have owned my oldest domain for almost a year and have over 25 in my portfolio, greatly qualifying me for this drop.

I was wondering what you all might think ( if you are in a similar situation as I or if you are empathizing for my current situation) about extending the x2 airdrop bonus foe these addresses they have obviously been investing with ENS for quite some time and were able to set their primary address prior to the drop hitting the public?

It is my understanding that many unclaimed tokens will return to the Dao on may 22 2022. what if these unclaimed tokens can be used for people like me in this situation?

Regardless, all opinions are respected I am grateful foe the drop I received, truly a blessing but I thought I’d poke your minds on this one!



Not gonna happen. Be happy with the 156 ENS you got. You had plenty of time to set your reverse record. You had time to register 37 ENS names, but no time to set one up?


Sure I did, I had meant to for a long time which I also took responsibility for. I have invested a lot of money I to this project and continue to do so and setting a register name would have been done before snapshot if I would have known there was an incentive to do so. It can and could happen and I am very grateful for my airdrop that I have recieved as I pointed out.

The ENS service is built for the people and controlled by the people and the early innovators and investors have and will continue to benefit from it as we should.

It is completely feasible to extend the air drop to many such as myself using on chain data as long as changes were made prior to drop date and time.


I agree with that. I own a few hundred ENS domains and have had them for four years. Only one had the reverse record setup. I am not complaining one second. Thank you ENS team!


The incentive is freedom, not free tokens.

They didn’t allocate tokens based on if you did what they said as in set the reverse record. They allocated based on adoption. If you truly adopted ENS you would have set the reverse record long ago.

The only way it is going to happen, is if you invent a time machine.


Your opinion has been noted, thanks for your input.

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I would like to get the airdrop as well. Thank you!


One would think a conservative wouldn’t be interested in censorship of a post that is just information. It is a sad day in ENS land.

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I think that’s the whole point when coming up with a heuristic to distribute “community” tokens. Important part is making it sybil-proof and using reverse record is a good idea, since before air-drop no one had any incentive to set it, except for identification (or bragging) purpose.

After spilling the rules, it’d be way too easy for any squatter to set unique reverse record for every domain they own and I think it’s highly unlikely that the same heuristic will be used again if any such air-drop occurs.


Agreed. You can’t tell everyone the rules before something like this because @CryptoGate.eth would have setup 36 more wallets, sent his ENS names to each, setup reverse records… Read this while you can as he seems to be flagging all my posts in this thread. Though the mods are unflagging them because I’m not violating anything.


Let’s clarify some important missing context here. Weren’t the rules posted prior to Oct 31 in regards to the snapshot? (which I am unknowing to due to be made informed of this airdrop the day before).

Secondly, Yes i flagged 3 of your posts, 2 due to your tone and condescending structure and 1 for being irrelevant as it was about me flagging your posts.

I have goal to censore nor due I stand for censorship, but if you violate community standard by taking a tone and attitude that is offensive the in must be reported to maintain integrity of civil discourse in the forum. As a reasonable person, this is how it came off as your response once not only feedback but not done so in a friendly manor.

Regardless, Yes this is a good point, this would have created a flood of people creating seperate wallets taking advantage of the airdrop. If I had 1, 26, 35 or 100 names, doesn’t really matter, my identity has been cryptogate.eth for nearly a year and have been using it on many channels for quite some time. Gas got quite expensive and I was waiting for it to go down, as I thought it was silly to just set my registrant at the time gas was so high. When I found out about the airdrop, I immediately made all the changes thinking this was going to qualify meet for all token variables, however this ended up not being the case.

That’a fine again, I am happy with my tokens, would be happier with the X2, I mean if you were in my boat living tightly with 3 children and working 2 jobs, You may at least try to bring your case forward too for at the time of this post thats $13000.00


@CryptoGate.eth Since yesterday, I’ve become sort of a shareholders in this DAO, so I’d like to contribute to its value, even in a small way. I’m still not sure why do you bring your material situation to this argument - this is not a charity. I recommend trying , which streams UBI tokens.


You are right it is not a charity but anyone who received an airdrop received a material benefit because of their adoption, investing and understanding of ENS was rewarded, not given charity. We have been given the opportunity to weigh our votes and to direct ENS into the future through delegation.

To answer the question as to why Included a sentence about my situation is because we are also all people. We are circumstances and my circumstance is just that as I explained. I do the best I can to stay well informed while juggling my primary responsibility of being a working husband and father. I couldn’t justify with gas prices, on top of my other priorities, in the recent months changing my registrant I have been waiting.

My material situation matters, as does anyone else’s. This project is delegated by the people who participate for the people who use it now or later.


My posts were not in violation of the community guidelines which is why my posts were unflagged. So, you errored on the side of censorship, versus freedom of discussion. But, this is irrelevant, to my point, but relevant to what ENS stands for, being censorship resistant.

Rules about the claim? I don’t think so, it would have caused a rush, an unfair one at that. I didn’t find out about it until probably a week after the snapshot. I got more because I did set the reverse record on each wallet I put an ENS in. It was only 4 wallets, as I kept them separate for specific reasons. I knew nothing of this drop, otherwise like most other people, I would have created a few more wallets and spread my ENS names out a little more. I think I have 12. One for each me and my immediate family members (all in the same wallet, darn…), 2 online handles (one of which is whoismoses) each bought from and in their own wallet, and lastly, I have ENS names for a couple of my businesses. Only one of which I cared to set the reverse record on, because I wasn’t using he other two just yet. So all of those are in the same wallet for now.

At least now it is done.

Everyone’s life is tough in one way or another. Some are a lot tougher than others. I have a full time job and run two independent businesses all in an attempt to someday not have a boss at all. Not saying I have it tougher than you do, I decided to do this and I love most of it.


I understand the frustration here, but you must step back and look at it from ENS perspective. The idea was to give the responsibility of running ENS back to the users. The way they decided to do this was to give tokens to every address who had atleast 1 ens name - more didnt matter because the idea is not to reward squatting, but using. Further, they gave a bonus to any user who had reverse lookup setup as that was the strongest indicator that an address was actually used!

Now once the announcement was made, it no longer makes sense to continue calculating this as its would be trivial for anyone, even non-users, to then set reverse lookup records and farm the 2x. The entire point of a retroactive airdrop is to retroactively drop tokens, which means BEFORE the announcement, not after.

It must be frustrating having missed out on additional tokens, but remember that before the airdrop, you had 0! I am glad that you were given the $ENS you have so you can help support ENS moving forward, bringing your experience to the table on future decisions.


You are completely right mate, I greatly appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:


I think cryptogate.eth makes a very reasonable suggestion. There are many people who missed the 2x multiplier who by all accounts bought into the promise of ENS through both capital and labour.

So rather than return the 2x rewards to the DAO treasury I think a vote should be made to:

  1. apply or 2. not apply the 2 x multiplier to accounts who delegate a primary domain by [revised date].

Personally. I think this would speak volumes of crypto’s bottom-up supportive nature rather than the existing top-down system and garner further interest in the ENS ecosystem from the world at large.

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apply or 2. not apply the 2 x multiplier to accounts who delegate a primary domain by [2021-10-31].

If you applied the reverse lookup, or primary address, before that date, you are eligible for the 2x reward.

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Not enough labour to set the ENS record. If you didn’t set the record, you for sure were not using the address.

I will disagree with you here. It is absolutely possible to use the ENS name without setting that reverse lookup. The ONLY thing the reverse lookup does is allow one to see the ENS name when typing in the actual 0x address. Outside of that, everything else is still functional.

That said, it is a great indicator of actual use and kudos to the team for doing the 2x on that signaler.