Any Interest in IRL meetups?

I am wondering if there might be any interest in the DAO sponsoring periodic IRL (in real life) meetups for delegates/contributors. I think occasionally meeting in real life could strengthen relationships among DAO members. Perhaps an annual or bi-annual gathering that rotates locations across the globe. Would recommend it be low budget so that it does not turn into something that does not align with the values of the DAO.

Alternatively, if we wanted to keep things more simple perhaps we could leverage existing web3 / blockchain conferences to have some IRL events on the side. For example, maybe those DAO members attending the upcoming ETH Denver event could meet up IRL either before, during, or after the event.

Just sharing a few ideas to generate thoughts on the topic. I think it would be great to meet all of you in real life at some point.

Coincidentally I just saw this. Any interest in something for ENS?: