App V3 Subdomains/Subdomain registrar UI: Request for feedback

This is in response to me correct?

Makes sense. Yeah I think all such options would be updatable whenever the parent owner wants. You can update your fee structure / rules / restrictions at any time, and that will apply to new registrations and renewals.

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Gday @jefflau.eth

I sent you a DM with some of my thoughts and ideas but not sure if you see them having not DMd each other before?

Apologies, I am still learning how to best navigate the forum.



Replied! Thanks for the ideas

We allow this at
Make sure to set your network to Goerli if you want to test it. Currently having our contracts audited before releasing on mainnet.
Or if you prefer a demo, I recently presented at Town Hall where I did the demo of our app: ENS Town Hall Q2 2023 - YouTube. At the end of the video, you can see an easy to use subname search and registration process.
Hope you find it useful.
Anyone else is more than welcome to try it too.