Are you planing to add clearnet name servers to .eth?

I apologize for the terminology, but I’m not sure how the name servers should be addressed.

What I mean is - is it going to be possible to add custom name servers in the future, which you can add on a .com domain?
For example to resolve a website.

Could you explain what you are trying to achieve, including the domain you want to resolve and what you expect to happen?

ENS has infrastructure in place so you can resolve DNS information held on-chain; see for details.

I already have hosting with and a domain - artcafe.eth and when someone types artcafe.eth in their browser, I’d like to open my website.

When I host with a2hosting and my domain is with GoDaddy, let’s say, all I have to do is login to godaddy, and change the nameservers of my .com (or any other domain I own) domain with and It takes up to 72 hours for the nameservers to update. Then whoever types my domain can visit my website. Is such thing possible with .eth domains?

I don’t know if you understand what I mean.

Unfortunately the .eth top level domain is being held back by ICANN so there is no way in which traditional DNS can access domains under .eth.

It is possible to do this for your own desktop with custom DNS resolvers or browser plugins, but there is nothing at current that will allow someone with an unmodified desktop to access these domains. Depending on what you want to do with your domain this may or may not be an option.

The other alternative is to add .link to the end of your domain in the webbrowser, as this can resolve the DNS information on-chain. For example, if you owned the domain foo.eth you could add DNS information to it and then access it from any system as

To be more specific, if you upload your website to IPFS, you will be able to access your website at

Sorry for the late reply, jgm!

From what I understand .eth is not actual domain but rather domain Extension existing on the Ethereum blockchain? And if ICANN decides to release .eth for registration (with GoDaddy for example) anyone can register .eth domain with GoDaddy in this case. Or I’m getting everything wrong?

Thanks, virgil!

eth is the 3-letter country code for Ethiopia, and as such is reserved but unused (as countries tend to use their 2-letter country code and already have an internet presence there). It is possible they may release it at some point in the future, but in that case I think ENS would have a good case for claiming it ahead of others.

It’s unclear to me we’d be able to do anything with a .eth TLD considering we aren’t compliant with UDRP and afaik all new ICANN domains must abide by the UDRP. Ergo .eth will always be on the outside.

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Thanks, jgm!