Are you planning to hide the addresses from being publicly visible?

I’m opening online shop, and I’d like to use .eth name instead of hexadecimal address. What bothers me is that my crypto addresses will be visible to everyone if they type in the .eth name in the ens manager or

I would prefer if a client could only see somename.eth and info, something like: ETH, LTC, BTC accepted using this .eth address. Payment gateways like Coinbase and BitPay use change addresses, and I also noticed BitPay is recently only displaying QR code only.

Just a security precaution but I was wondering if such feature is planned - hiding the crypto addresses, and displaying only the type of cryptocurrency they could send to the .eth address in question.

All the data on ENS are on Ethereum Blockchain hence not much point hiding. The alternative way to satisfy your security concern would be to use something like to send the fund from ENS address to your vault address

Thanks, makoto!
I knew that Ethereum addresse’s entire history could be viewed on the blockchain, but I thought with .eth addresses this could eventually be prevented. In this case I’ll stick to Coinbase Commerce and BitPay for now. It sounds a bit like typing in someone’s PayPal email or Stripe company and viewing their entire transaction history. I guess it’s good for small transactions between friends then, can’t imagine BestBuy, Starbucks, or Amazon using .eth name and spitting out their entire transaction history for everyone to see.

ah no. All ENS provides on wallet is to convert ENS name to ETH address so you are actually sending to your ETH address not to ENS name (even if you do, ENS itself is just another smart contract so you are sending to blockchain). If you want to hide the entire history, better not to use blockchain/crypto for big amount until some security preserving technology matures.

I think few of the wallets are doing that - using change address to prevent tracing an address’s transaction history and increasing the privacy.

I think they are all managing off chain at custodian level. Yes, you can hide the info from public, but I assume all the traceable info are in their database so if their system get hacked probably these information can be leaked.
I don’t know much about bitcoin based system so I may be wrong.

I think we might be talking about different things. With my initial post I was wondering whether the additional coins fields could be hidden from the public.

Any dapp who integrate with ENS could hide on their UI, but anyone can enquire the information from ENS smartcontract directly so it does not gurantee any privacy concern you have.