Art vs Domain ? Let’s discuss…

Hey guys, :relaxed:🫶🏽

Is it ok to open up this channel for some feedback on my recent development within ENS.

I am trying to expand the reach of .eth as well as raise the question of “What an ENS actually is?”

I have been utilising Emojis in a grid format in various combinations and patterns (with many many many failures and almosts) - to replicate pixel art pfps and or other Art genres.

Having already minted multiple Emoji Arts now - I aim to take this style to the main stream / to Sotherbys or something like that in order to Auction of some of my genesis creations, including Alien Punks, Mfers and Comic and Video game art.

I would love to hear the communities thoughts and feelings on this movement.

In closing, I am not seeking funding for this endeavour. But I will have to charge for anybody who wants a tshirt with a screen print version ! Haha.

Hopefully this style/project will help everybody see beyond the surface layers of .eth domains as well as bring about a more light hearted, less serious tone into this incredible space.


This is an incredible concept that can be exploited. It is very interesting, and I want one. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the feedback.

Not sure when you say “exploited” if that’s a good thing . Haha I’m assuming you mean it in a positive sense .

I just don’t think people in the wider audience actually realise and understand what this actually is. Although a few already do!

But time will tell. Can’t wait to show you more!

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They have refused to exploit the many commercial opportunities that are open to them. :sweat_smile:

Times, Sunday Times (2006)

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He looks unwell

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haha, I switched to LAB distance, that seems to do a little better:


Really good work! Would love to chat more if you are open to that?

I did all of mine manually as you can see from some of the emojis used…I can see great potential in both methods


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Man, this is too cool! xD I think emoji art can definitely become a movement. If you’re able to add an ens name/subname with each mint possibly, that’d be a :fire: project. I’d love to help somehow if I can.