Assessing TNL's Performance: Are We Getting the Results We Need?

I would like to open up a discussion regarding the situation with TNL and the funds they received for the marketing, communications, and PR of the ENS Protocol. As members of the DAO, it’s our responsibility to assess the effectiveness of the strategies employed and decide whether they are benefiting the ENS Protocol as a whole.

As you may know, TNL received a total of $275,000 EVERY YEAR for the following objectives:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Increase the number of integrations
  3. Increase the number of domain registrations

As members of the DAO, we have not seen the desired results from TNL’s efforts. It is crucial for us to analyze whether the evergreen grant should be altered or terminated, given the current situation.

Here are some key questions to consider in this discussion:

  1. Can TNL provide evidence of their accomplishments thus far?
  2. Have there been any positive results from their marketing and PR efforts?
  3. If there are no visible results, should we consider altering or terminating the evergreen grant?

Continuing the discussion from [EP14][Executable] Funding True Names Ltd:

Let’s discuss this issue openly and constructively. Please feel free to share your thoughts, examples, and experiences related to the topic.

Looking forward to a fruitful discussion.

Best regards, @imrulo.eth


Yes - $275k for Marketing & Comms is quite low compared to the impressive amount of awareness, integrations, and domain registrations that we’ve seen to date.

Some serious accomplishments so far; which I cant imagine how they might go unnoticed.

I would love to see whats possible with more allocated - if equally efficient & intentional.


Can you demonstrate WITH DATA that this has been as a result of TNL’s marketing strategies?

I’m just going to say because nobody else will. You are clearly angry at the DAO because you haven’t received funding for your project that you fail to take initiative to do until you get funded. Now you are lashing out in any way you can. It’s okay to be angry but to use nefarious techniques to try and get your way isn’t going to help you.

Just work on your project, show the DAO results with data. If your data shows that funding will greatly accelerate ENS through your initiative then you have a better chance at receiving funding.

:arrows_counterclockwise: The weakest argument I’ve ever heard in my life! Your thoughts are not facts.

:mag: Since 2021, I’ve been taking initiatives. You need to do your research before making baseless accusations. **

:mag: This has nothing to do with it :point_down:

:pray: Thank you for your effort in trying to divert attention by personally attacking me instead of responding with arguments. :no_entry_sign: It won’t work. :wink:

:memo::point_right: Just a friendly reminder: The DAO includes ALL of us! :face_with_monocle: Let’s not forget that, especially since it seems to slip our minds sometimes. :thought_balloon::bulb: We are more than just the leaders who hold positions. :muscle::star2:

Whats is it with everyone so obsessed over marketing and PR? Everything is OK…

The marketing and PR that people want is based on corporate shove in your face until profit methods. That is not what ENS is. It’s public infrastructure not an Apple product.

Not sure what you are getting at with this.

If it does not have anything to do with it. Then what is your motivation for all this riff raff all of a sudden?


As a member of the DAO, I have the right to know whether TNL marketing, who are paid to deliver results they set themselves, have achieved those results or not.

I invite you to answer these questions. :point_up_2:

Either you’re not reading me or you’re tired…

You accuse me of being upset with the DAO because your subconscious betrays you, and you forgot that the DAO is all of us, not just the group that leads it. I reminded you of that fact. Which part did you not understand?

I won’t fall for your game, watch your words.

Why are they still getting paid if they didn’t achieve the results? And if they did achieve the results, why aren’t they showing them? My inquiries aren’t rocket science.

I mentioned the recipient of the funds, even though they have 5 other companies. :point_up_2:

hey @imrulo,
I don’t oppose with questions & enquiry - information is power. I’ll however pushback on “As members of the DAO, we have not seen the desired results from TNL’s efforts” - in so far as there isn’t a statement to what are your desired results, and generally speaking i’ve a different view.

If you could share that, it may help for the type of information that gets provided back. Cheers.

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It’s ENS Labs. TNL isn’t the identifier for the entity that you are referring to.
I’m not playing games. So please, if you are going to question ENS Labs tensile ability as the entity that develops the ENS protocol, you are going to need a strong thimble if you want this thread to pull any weight.

Tell us please. Describe what you think the ENS protocol should be right now, other than what it is.

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For quite some time now I have thought that ENS needs a seperate / new , specialised decentralised team of creative marketers that can all be tasked to target specific groups and find new avenues to onboard…

With all due respect ENS Labs are amazing devs, not marketers.

We are sitting on an abundance of creatives in the community. Let’s utilise and organise them/us

The product lifecycle of a public good differs from that of a ‘for profit corporate entity’.

Yeh, true. However, surely more of the public need to know we even exist?

We need the DAO to support and fund a team to create meaningful, impactful multi media on a professional level

We need to tell stories and document articles of relevant topics and use cases.

I have so many ideas which I want to share but this isn’t the correct thread to create proposals.

ENSisforEveryone… (which does include people on crypto Twitter) and now that ENS is maturing we should be confident that it will continue to thrive no matter the use case.

ENS is not in the maturing stage. ENS is building infrastructure for infrastructure builders.

Hey @imrulo.eth, just posted this: ENS PR and Marketing Activities

For your records, since September 2022 we’ve spent around $90k for PR efforts. We’ve just started to spend against the marketing line since we now actually have something to market with a much better app. (I’m sure we all would agree that it didn’t make sense to market the old app when V3 was on the way with a far better user experience.)

Also, to level set expectations, $250k is actually quite a humble sum and ENS is not a venture-backed domain marketing company. We’re a naming system; a public good. We develop infrastructure and provide support for others to leverage and market their own products and services built on ENS. This could change but the dollars allocated for marketing reflect that present reality.


Asserting rights to yourself will not bolster your argument, but rather, it dilutes the effectiveness of whatever you are attempting to convey.

If you have better ideas you should present them - it is all but guaranteed that nobody will shut you down for coming up with brilliant solutions.

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You can get a good idea of what is going on in the industry