BASIC FUNCTIONS: Unable to set address

Here are the copy-pasted instructions you get when you access your domain manager:

Learn how to manage your name.

1. Set Resolver

The Resolver is a Smart Contract responsible for the process of translating names into addresses. In the Resolver area click ‘Set’. Then click the ‘use public resolver’ link, and ‘save’ to launch the transaction.

2. Set Address

Once you have set the Resolver, you can then add records by clicking the ‘+’ in the ‘records’ field. Adding your ethereum address will allow you to point your wallet to your name in the next step.

I’ve made a subdomain. I’ve set the public resolver for both the domain and subdomain. I cannot set address. There’s no place to add records. There is no ‘records’ field. There is no ‘+’ anywhere. My wallet address appears defaulted in the Controller field. But the domain still doesn’t point to my wallet.

Does it take 24 hours, or something? What am I missing?

Then, there’s step 3. I haven’t gotten to this step. Can I ignore it if I don’t want or need a reverse pointer?

3. Set Reverse Record

Once you set your address, you will see a message saying the reverse pointer is not set. Click the arrow in the field to expand, then click the button ‘save’. This will translate your address into your new name.

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I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing confusion. I can imagine it’s frustrating.

It’s difficult to troubleshoot without seeing exactly what you’re referencing and understanding what you’re trying to do.

Could you please file an issue here and include -

1 - What you’re trying to accomplish, e.g. set a resolver, reverse record and address for a subdomain.

2 - Screenshots to the extent you’re comfortable sharing them.

This way one of our developers can help you directly.

Hi! Thanks for reaching out. The ‘records’ field and ‘+’ populated in the domain manager sometime between my post and now. I think I posted my question 4 to 8 hours after I successfully registered and successfully ‘set resolver.’ I had a screenshot at the time but was unable to upload into the post.

Follow up question: Now that I’ve successfully ‘set address’ (because the field appeared), how long do I have to wait before it redirects to my wallet? It’s not doing it yet.

Thanks so much!

If you’ve set a resolver and an address, it should work immediately. Where are you trying?