Blacklisting .eth domain, subdomain removal, etc. + 1000 other questions

After the recent “hack” and certain .eth domains being hijacked (if I can say it this way) there were several articles from CoinDesk, Yahoo News and others that OpenSea would blacklist the domains in question, also ENS was considering blacklisting the hijacked domains. So all of this raised some questions, and I’m not the only one wondering if and how this is even possible.

What would blacklist a .eth domain by the ENS registrar mean? Under what circumstances would a domain be blacklisted? Apple.eth was one of the hijacked domains (sorry iPhone fans, it’s a fruit) does that mean ENS could blacklist PlayStation.eth, if so, where would TrainStation.eth fit? We’re you considering blacklisting them only because they were “hacked? “ What is ENS’s copyright policy regarding .eth domains? What I mean by that is whether you just hand over a domain to a corporation claiming ownership, or you would need a court order before you do that? Also, under which jurisdiction would .eth domains fit? Take ICANN as an example for the last question.

Finally, how in the world can I delete a subdomain?

Sorry guys, I’m not the one who exploited the bug!

The registrar and the registry (deliberately) don’t contain any blacklisting functionality. It’s possible to build a proxy for the registry, though, which selectively blacklists domains; anyone using that instead of the registry itself would not see the blacklisted domains. Because anyone can deploy such a proxy, that allows a variety of blacklists to exist side-by-side, and allows users to choose which, if any, blacklists they subscribe to.

Decisions on what goes into the blacklists would be up to individual operators. We were considering deploying one containing the stolen domains and encouraging wallets to offer it.

Set the resolver and owner both to the zero address.

Hi. You have missed answering something important.

What is the cybersquatting policy?

What would happen if a corporation wants to claim ownership of its trade or corporate name .eth? Would it be blacklisted by the ENS team?

Asking the question in another way:

If I want to register the .eth name of my company, legally registered and the name has already been registered by another person. What options do I have to get it? Would the ENS team give me any solution? If not and had to resort judicially. Under what jurisdiction is ENS governed?

Thank you.

The ENS contract has no way to reallocate domains, so if someone owns a given domain they cannot be forced to relinquish it.


there is a whole body of law that deals with just that. you can start your research here: . I don’t think ENS should try to do this job. It’s very complicated.

Thanks for the link. In centralized systems such as ICANN it is easy to change the owner of a domain but in a decentralized system it should be impossible.

I have doubts because in the AMA that the ENS team did in reddit a few months ago, it was commented that this could be done with the joint signature of 7 people of the team. However, when the fraudulent bid auction of some domains in opensea has taken place, these 7 signatures have not been used but have been negotiated with the hacker to return them. That’s why I’m not sure how this works.

It would be very interesting for the community more clarity about this since some of us are investing a lot of money in buying domains.