Brantly and Eternal September!

Hey all! :wave:

All those recent events make me sad, but what I really feel is that Brantly was integral part of ENS.

Despite all the opinions expressed in the past two days, there is one simple truth - Brantly did a huge work on building ENS.

I actively joined discord several months before airdrop and it was quite deserted at a time. Brantly worked on ENS for THREE YEARS with that deserted empty discord. Takes a lot of courage, passion and devotion to stand your ground and not loose faith in the project. Especially given that everyone around is making that easy money. He believed in something, in that idea, that Web3 can empower us all and stood by it.

A lot of different words and opinions were thrown at him for the past 48 hours.

What I personally would like to say is :star: THANK YOU Brantly :star: for doing all this hard work.

Those were some of the best months I ever had in Web3 space. I felt that my work was appreciated, I was engaged, there was incredible energy in the air.

I’m certain we’ll be seeing you around Web3 space, and your contribution to ENS is now forever embedded into protocol.

Stay positive, stay energetic, and always retain that passion, thats why your twitter spaces were so good! :zap: Everyone felt your honest sincere passion, and took a little a bit of that energy.

Spike out!


Brantly was integral part of ENS.

Brantly is still the Director of ENS and an integral part until the vote is taken and the outcome is executed. We haven’t even established quorum yet. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

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