Brantly Wellness Check

It has been almost a month and Brantly has practically disappeared from the community. Although I completely denounce his tweet that got him removed from his position, I am still concerned about his wellbeing. Is there any way we can get a health and wellness check for Brantly and his family? Nobody is perfect and we have all made mistakes. I think the community could really use some closure or at least a comment from Brantly.


Yep. I sent him an email to his Brantly.eth address via a few weeks ago but haven’t heard back. Hope he’s OK. Brantly, if you read this, check your email and let me know you’re alright.


I saw his account was active a couple of times on here for a few minutes, so there is that.


I am have seen him around once/twice a week on average

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Unsure about whether a comment is entirely necessary but I do echo your sentiment.

Brantly if you are reading this, forget the EP6.1 for the moment and remember that some of us really respect what you have done and you as a person.

Hope you’ve been doing good regardless of the changes of the last month.