Bug in moving addresses to new public resolver

Domains that I have which have the old public resolver:

and have an address that I’ve already assigned to the domain will renew successfully and keep the address. However if I change the resolver to the NEW public resolver, the address disappears and I do not see it in app.ens.domains. However if I then add the address and save using Metamask in Chrome, the address will appear TWICE! under address and under (below) “other addresses”.

Do you see a “migrate” button for the resolver? That will transfer records to the new resolver at the same time as updating your name to point to it.

If you don’t see that button, can you give an example name that has this issue?

The address showing up twice - under ‘address’ and ‘other addresses’ is an artefact of how we currently display Ethereum addresses, and doesn’t relate to your other issue.

If there is an address specified for a domain that has already been migrated but has that old resolver, there is no migrate button but there is the button to “set” the resolver. If you hit that button and click on use public resolver, it sets the new public resolver BUT you lose the address you had associated with your domain and have to add it again with another transaction. That shouldn’t happen. After you add it back, you see it twice. That is a bug IMO

If you don’t see a ‘migrate’ button, that’s a bug - if you can give me an example domain so I can reproduce the bug, I’ll look into it.

The address displaying twice has nothing to do with the migration procedure; it’s how we currently display all names with Ethereum addresses.

My domains are already migrated long ago. When I did migrate it didn’t automatically migrate to the new public resolver. It probably didn’t yet exist then anyway. None of my domains have a migrate button - it’s not there for good reason if they’ve already migrated. The button that IS missing is the “return” the domain and get the deposit back. The problem I described in this bug report is that setting the old public resolver to the new public resolver loses the address that was correctly sitting there and should remain there after setting the new public resolver. The address shouldn’t just disappear which it does.

The UI supports migrating between resolvers, which solves the issue you’re raising; if you’re using an old resolver, you should have a button that allows you to do this. If you have a name that’s having this problem, let me know what name it is and I can look into it.

Again, if you can give me an example name that should have the ‘return’ button but doesn’t I can investigate that, too.

Records are held in the storage of individual resolver contracts, so changing resolvers necessarily loses your records. That’s why we added the resolver migration functionality I mentioned above.

likely when I migrated the domains the “new” public resolver wasn’t even in existence yet so it migrated but kept the old public resolver. the issue is I have an address associated with the domain that also migrated successfully so the address is there with the old public resolver. When I go to “set” the new public resolver, the address disappears and I have to do another transaction to add it back.