Can I claim ENS for multiple unused names on my wallet?

I’ve registered for 3 names years ago, but only used one. That one has registrant and controller set to my wallet address, with the resolver 0x4976fb03C32e5B8cfe2b6cCB31c09Ba78EBaBa41.

However, I’ve got two more names on the same address, yet without registrant and controller set. I don’t remember what I did as it was years ago, but I can see those addresses with my working address in My Account on ENS Domains website when I have my wallet connected. However if I click them it looks like this:

What exactly is going on? I have the addresses listed, though I can’t set anything, and can’t update to the new resolver either. (everything grayed out) If I’ve just bought the addresses but haven’t set the registrant, why does it also say “no address found” for controller too? If that’s because that I’m using old resolver, why is migrate/set buttons grayed out?

I’ve received some ENS on my address, but I was just wondering is there anything I could do with these addresses that I’ve registered almost 4 years ago to get some ENS?

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It looks like you only have one name registered currently. I’m guessing the other ones had expired.

The airdrop was by address though, not by domain. So those two domains would have counted towards the tokens you did claim for your address.

the distribution was per ethereum address, not registered name. If your address had 1 ENS or 100, the payout would be the same.

Can you click “register” tab and see if it shows the registration wizard? It looks to me that the name was once registered by (probably you) but got expired so you need to re-register if you still want the name (but this doesn’t change any airdrop logic so don’t do it for airdrop)


I have the same problem. I would like to re-register names but I can’t. I have name under my address but there is no registrant, no controller. It was bought in 2017. If I type the name in the search its show that name is available, if I click register tab it shows: This name is already registered. Check the image.