Can I get airdrop if I buy an ENS domain now?

I want to buy some .eth names so I’m wondering if I will be eligible for airdrop if I buy the domains now?

Also can I sell the subdomain of my .eth names? For example, if I own office.eth, can I sell to other people?

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You won’t be eligible for the airdrop if you buy a domain now.

Nothing stopping you from charging people and maintaining subdomains - I don’t believe there is an automated way to do that though (selling the NFT for the domain sells the whole domain).


Each subdomain has its own controller address. So, subdomains can be created and transferred to controllers that are not the domain level controller. I experimented with that feature before gas prices went through the roof… it was really neat. I’m looking forward to layer 2 ENS domain management - or Ethereum 2.0 with sharding.


When you create the subdomain does that also create an NFT for just that subdomain that you could then sell? Or would you still be manually managing the subdomain controllers?

As far as I see, no… there are no NFTs for subdomains. However, the controller and the resolver can be independently set from the domain.

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Gotcha, thanks for the info! I have admittedly not experimented with the subdomains any.

Bu then it involves a manual process to manually transfer the subdomain to another controller?