Can I get my airdrop $ENS tokens back? :(

Hi there,

I put in a ticket this morning about a really dumb mistake I made a few days ago. I was in the process of sending a few things to my other wallet and somehow I accidentally sent my airdrop tokens to the ENS Reverse registrar contract address! >_<

This is my address:

I spoke with Cthulu.eth on the ENS discord and was told to make a post in the DAO. :slight_smile:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was so excited to receive my airdrop tokens and then I did a really stupid noob mistake :frowning:

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Hey amyli.eth,

You’re not the only one, other people had this issue. There’s been a discussion on how to handle this issue some time ago, and a proposal was approved by the DAO to return those funds.

You can find it here: [EP3] [Social] Amend airdrop proposal to include accidentally returned funds

It was scheduled for 14/01.

@nick.eth was this proposal already executed?

This was already executed. It’s likely another batch will be proposed to the DAO in time - but we can only return tokens sent to the ENS token contract address; there’s no ability to retrieve tokens sent to other contracts such as the reverse registrar.


:cold_sweat: :confounded: :cry:

this is very disappointing : (

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