Can we Bring Brantly Back?

Hi all,
I know this post might make me unpopular so please do not attack me. I realise that Brantly said some unsavoury things and might have been a bit arrogant but is there anyway we can bring him back into the fold. He really did live and breath ENS and did a lot for the adoption of ENS. When Ukraine was accepting Crypto Donations I couldn’t help but think that if Brantly was around he would have found a way to make sure that Ukraine had Ukraine.eth to streamline donations. There have been other instances in the near past when I thought man too bad Brantly’s gone.
I don’t know him and to be honest I didn’t even really like him all that much but to his credit the man was effective. Just thought I would put this out there and see what you all think or if it is even possible at this point.

He was/is never/not gone. It’s his choice to not engage, or engage in a limited capacity.

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