Can we delegate voting rights in the DAO to an ENS name instead of an Ethereum address

We all know that the delegation in a DAO actually delegates voting rights to an Ethereum address, although sometimes this address can be displayed as an ENS name through the primary ENS name. I think we should implement the ENS name as the delegate instead of an Ethereum address. Whether this idea is feasible or not, I would like to express my opinion first:

  1. Voting rights should be delegated to an ENS name because ENS is more representative of identity and ethereum address is just a wallet under that identity.

  2. Even if the identity changes the wallet or if the wallet is stolen or something, he only needs to change the resolution record, rather than having all the entrusting parties re-delegate their rights to another address.

  3. You could argue that ENS names are also at risk of being stolen, but since ENS originally separated the roles of owner, controller, and address record, we can protect the owner (now registrant) from unnecessary actions.

  4. As more and more projects launch DAOs, there is a strong need for reliable identities to participate in governance, and it is easier for a human-readable ENS to accumulate credit in the crypto world.

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This would be neat, but difficult to do. The token relies on tracking balance and delegation changes in order to track the delegated vote total of each account; without those events it has no way to know what someone’s voting power is.


OK, your reply is basically as I expected, but I believe there will be opportunities in the future.

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A pretty neat use case to check out is what Sismo Dao is doing with subdomains.

The Sismo DAO members, also called Zikies, are the friends of Sismo. They coordinate through their governance-power-bearing ENS subdomains (eg. ziki1337.sismo.eth)

Cool idea @liubenben :rocket:

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A few months ago, I happened to know sismo, the use cases of sismo are great!
Perhaps it’s a really PASS nft in early period? I don’t know. Unfortunately, I still can’t find how to claim a subdomain of sismo.eth until now. :pensive:

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Seems like a possible duplicate (or vice versa) of ENS names as first class citizens, actual usernames, not just alias for addresses but access to posting/replying there is restricted.

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