Canceling ENS domain

First of all, I am not a super technical person, so sorry in advance if I dont understand fully the first time.
I have recently registered an ENS domain name and now am not sure if maybe there could be some trademark involved with that domain. I would thus like to cancel my 1year registration before the end of the one year period to be on the safe side regarding trademarks. Is there a way to do that ? Of course, I assume the fee would be lost but I would be fine with that.

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As far as I know (from glancing over the docs), there is no function to terminate a domain lease prematurely.

I’m not a lawyer, either, but couldn’t you simply not use the name? Or even offer it to the Trademark owner at cost (or for free).

Worst case, I think you could transfer ownership to the zero address - then no one could do anything with it until it expired naturally.


Thanks for the response. As you suggested I will not use it but I thought there would be a way to send it back somehow to the registry. Sending it to the zero address would potentially not be ideal if the trademark owner wants to use it before expiring. I am wondering if a canceling function would technically be possible.

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Hi @ZoltarSeven :wave:

When did you register the name in question, before or after May 4?

If you registered it before May 4, you should be able to “Release” it at any time.

@nickjohnson can tell us if it’s possible to “Release” if you migrated after May 4.

Hi @chris-remus,
I registered it after May 4, so unfortunately the first option does not work for me.