Cannot register .NAME 2nd-level domain

Apologies if this is the wrong area to post this question.

The .NAME domain is somewhat different to normal domains as it started out in life only allowing a person to create a domain having three levels, i.e. (Later on the restriction was relaxed and one could create if nobody had previously registered a 3rd level having that lastname.) In my case, I have a domain name of the form Unfortunately, it appears that ENS only allows one to register a 2nd level domain (of the form, so I cannot register my domain.

Is there a solution to this problem?

If you own the DNS domain, then you can import that into ENS using these instructions: DNS names - ENS Support Docs

After you do that, you can create all the subdomains you want, like

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Unfortunately, we currently only support TLDs as ‘public prefixes’ - so it’s not possible to import without first importing

I don’t own the domain. I just contacted the registrar (Verisign) and they told me I cannot register the because my lastname is a common last name and they want to keep it available for others to register their first name as a 3rd level domain. Bad luck!

I know this is a very special case, but it would be great if ENS could be changed to allow importing a domain of the form, without requiring one to import first.

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