Change ENS Delegate


So, I played around with ENS. It was really awesome and fun. I set a reverse record. I experimented with IPFS static landing pages. And life was great!

And then Ethereum gas fees skyrocketed.

Two years later, $ENS airdrop happens. Voting on the future becomes interesting and possible…

Except, I need to choose a “Delegate” in order to claim tokens and voting power.

So, I choose a randomly selected entity… and now, after reading through some posts on the ENS forum, I discover that I agree with an individual with the designation of “Delegate”…

How do I change my original choice when claiming my tokens?

How do I switch from randomly selected entity to @daylon.eth … for example?


noexit - I believe you can change your delegate by going to this link and connecting your wallet: Tally | Ens


DAO is in the process of making redelagation easier, but here is something that could be helpful: Feature Request: A website for delegating/redelegating

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Thank you!

I must have browsed that thread about 10 times in the last week. The information I wanted was sitting in the second paragraph of the OP. But, strangely, it didn’t register properly in my mind.

Hey @noexit sorry this is something I still haven’t entirely figured out but I appreciate the mention! :grin: I would be honored. I actually never filled out a delegate application but I can say I’m probably one of the only people that actually read every single application… it took me a week. :laughing:

Go to
Click on ENS
Log in
Click on Delegate Vote

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I’m currently on vacation for Thanksgiving so I only have my phone, and it definitely isn’t optimized for that. But I’ll try it when I get back to a computer.

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Apparently, there’s no need to fill out an application or go through any formal process.

Anyone can delegate to any holder via the withtally interface.

I looked up your 0x address and delegated my voting to you.

If you put your 0x address in withtally, you’ll see that your voting power is now a bit more than before.

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Wow, I am truly honored! Thanks a lot!

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My question is around this topic. What if I delegated my vote to someone who delegated their vote. Does that mean my vote is delegated to that 3rd entity?
Can I draw back my vote on withtally?
Thank you

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Your voting power is added to the delegated address and subtracted from your address.

Sure… just select a different address for delegation or self-delegate.

You just need to pay the gas to interact with the contract.