Clarifications needed

  1. What is the expiry date of .eth? The auction of a .eth domain name was finalized today and I claimed the name when it will expiry? or the names never expire.

  2. What if I accidentally registered a domain name which has less than 7 characters?

  3. When the rules will change in order to be able to set addresses on domains with less than 7 characters?


Currently none but once we migrate into permanent registrar on 4th May 2019, you have one year to migrate. After that (or if you forget to renew) then anyone can take your domain, though you can always get back your locked ETH (which our new will support on 4th May).

Anyone can invalidate it.

Please refer to the schedule mentioned here

For most other questions, it is more likely covered in our AMA session which we did a couple of weeks ago

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