Comments on ENS Foundation Director Nominees

Perhaps this might be helpful. First, does the nominee understand the position’s duties and responsibilities. Second, have they articulated relevant experience and skillset to perform the duties of a Director. Having a background in law, accounting, compliance, government, DAO governance, and the ability to communicate at the highest levels is helpful but not required.


if all directors are based in different jurisdictions, that increases cost of litigation VS situation if they are all based in one country for example, then you just “grab” them! :slight_smile:

Additionally I would consider those local laws, which require you to provide disclosure of your holdings in different countries, and which may make you liable for all sorts of things, some countries are more strict than others.

So ideal candidate is this

  • based in jurisdiction different than US and NZ

  • jurisdiction is not particularly strict on those regulations covering “foreign holdings”

  • jurisdiction is a developed country with robust legal system, not susceptible to corrupt manipulations

  • nominee is well known in community, “embedded into” protocol socially and shares Web3 values

That way that 3rd director will provide additional point of decentralisation, securing higher degree of stability for DAO


Nominate me if you want. Search my history. Ask me anything. I don’t particularly want the position.

I don’t think that’s how it works. You have to nominate yourself so that we can vote for you.

We could use more options so please do.

lol ok I nominate myself

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Here’s the thread daylon :sweat_smile:

why don’t you say a few words about yourself?! :slight_smile: this is not very effective application


we can ask @berrios.eth to do the “ten lawyers knocking on your door” stress test :slight_smile:

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I’m aware this seems really lazy but I don’t want to just rehash the things I already put here -

I’m happy to answer any questions, and I would love the lawyer stress test @berrios.eth . :laughing:

@AvsA would be a great choice, he done enormous things to ENS :hugs:

@avsa is the best choice possible

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I’m glad I inspired a better nominee :laughing:


You are not looking to be a Delegate or Steward, so reliance on your application is not very helpful.

Also, to the broader community, believing in ENS and Web3 is important, but the vision belongs to the DAO. You have to be able to communicate effectively and manage lawyers and accountants, as the Directors are the legal representative of the client ENSF. But also be able to communicate with government regulators, if called upon. You should compliment and be able to work with the other Directors, but have your own voice.

Fear of legal complications and being the target of lawsuits is way overblown.

I’m not sure jurisdiction is a big concern of the candidate.

Active membership in the community, should be a factor but the best overall fit for the position is what you should strive for.


Request for X is the politest way to ask for X. You can of course decline to fulfil the request for X. It is hardly a statement, let alone a strong one. A request by definition is not a demand. When I said ‘doxx’, I also clearly stated that it is to establish accountability and not hide behind an avatar. If it was meant with a malicious intent, I wouldn’t use the word for myself, would I? After what just happened, would you rather vet your nominees or rather elect another one behind a pseudonym? It is clear from your little comment that you are emotionally involved in this to an extent that you are not yet ready to even ask a serious question. Is your only question to me about the nuances of ‘doxx’ vs ‘legally identify yourself’? :neutral_face:

Hi @Trinedy, I wasn’t elected as a Steward although I ran in the elections, so I am currently not a Steward. In fact, I am only a delegate within the ENS ecosystem apart from being an independent contributor.

Thanks for that. I kind of feel like anyone that actually seeks such a position is a bit of a sociopath to be honest. I definitely don’t think I’m qualified for such a position, I just wanted to move the conversation forward. My only relevant qualifications would be 4 years in active duty Air Force (experience with leadership and dealing with bureaucracy) and having absolutely no obligations except for classes, so I can dedicate as much time to it as needed. But anyway… I’d probably vote for you if you wanted to do it.

Don’t worry, I’m not even a delegate, but I contribute.


The position, as I understand it, doesn’t require a lot of time. Thank you for your service, I served four years in the U.S. Army.

Thank you! I read your profile shortly after the airdrop. Much respect. Your insight is much appreciated. :fist:

+1 on @AvsA, Alex would be the best fit for this role from :fire:_:fire: perspective

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