Comments on ENS Foundation Director Nominees

Understanding that nick.eth would like to keep the nominations from being cluttered, I’ve created this thread for people to comment on and question the nominees. Think of this thread as interviewing the nominees on their suitability to serve this important position.


I’d like to see the nominees doxx themselves and attach a resume (or a CV, or simply add it to the post in text form using markdown syntax). This is a role for the Director of ENS Foundation - likeliest the biggest DAO with hundreds of millions in valuation. We need now not just fancy words but full accountability, full doxx and full verification so that the DAO is not blindsided by bigotry rearing its head again in the future.


Hi @HealingVisions
In context of your nomination here, can you please doxx yourself and provide generic information about

your background and qualified skills and experience

? Thanks. I will request everyone to doxx themselves since this role will eventually go in public domain where the Director is still liable to sign several documents with their web2 identity due to legal obligations. So it makes sense to just get on with it.

CC: Just to confirm this, is that correct to presume @nick.eth that the final appointment will have to doxx themselves for legal reasons?

@HealingVisions can you please clarify what is your affiliation with YAT?

can you please be more specific, what kind of position you are holding where you have 1000 people as subordinate?

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@inplco I voted for you as steward, and would consider voting for you as a replacement Director for the foundation, but I am curious if you plan to step down a steward if elected? My understanding from Nick’s description of the role, directorship is much less impactful on the future of ENS, as a Steward.

I think this is such a strong statement, I don’t think you are in a position to make such requests

Seeing how you are a scientist, I presume that you should think logically, maybe the correct approach here was to get clarifications first, and then “request” anything later?

Doxxing and legal are very different things. As legal part of the process your identity will certainly be verified, otherwise its impossible to place you in position of director, but doxxing is something else. You can remain anonymous or quasi anonymous and still be a director.

Doxxing is when you reveal a lot of personal information about yourself on the net, which is not always safe even.

I would vote against you, because you have such a strong opinions to the extent that you place yourself in a position “to request everyone to doxx”. ENS is about choice and freedom of speech, some people intentionally prefer to stay anonymous for a long list of reasons.


Unfortunately, you can’t vote against someone, only for another nominee.

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poor wording sorry, what I meant to say of course, is that I will not support candidate with such attitude

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Actually I think ideal candidate for such a position is someone like you!

Law savvy, who understands the agenda and have deep beliefs in ENS as decentralised protocol. Ideally not based in US and not based in NZ, somewhere else. I think to be really effective in such position you not only need to do those “basic bring me google docs things”, but you more importantly you should provide that additional point of decentralisation. Because thats the whole point of DAO, to be distributed and be prepared to fight legally even just in case. When ENS gets sufficiently big, its bound to become a target for all sorts of attacks, including directors of foundation.

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Perhaps this might be helpful. First, does the nominee understand the position’s duties and responsibilities. Second, have they articulated relevant experience and skillset to perform the duties of a Director. Having a background in law, accounting, compliance, government, DAO governance, and the ability to communicate at the highest levels is helpful but not required.


if all directors are based in different jurisdictions, that increases cost of litigation VS situation if they are all based in one country for example, then you just “grab” them! :slight_smile:

Additionally I would consider those local laws, which require you to provide disclosure of your holdings in different countries, and which may make you liable for all sorts of things, some countries are more strict than others.

So ideal candidate is this

  • based in jurisdiction different than US and NZ

  • jurisdiction is not particularly strict on those regulations covering “foreign holdings”

  • jurisdiction is a developed country with robust legal system, not susceptible to corrupt manipulations

  • nominee is well known in community, “embedded into” protocol socially and shares Web3 values

That way that 3rd director will provide additional point of decentralisation, securing higher degree of stability for DAO


Nominate me if you want. Search my history. Ask me anything. I don’t particularly want the position.

I don’t think that’s how it works. You have to nominate yourself so that we can vote for you.

We could use more options so please do.

lol ok I nominate myself

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Here’s the thread daylon :sweat_smile:

why don’t you say a few words about yourself?! :slight_smile: this is not very effective application


we can ask @berrios.eth to do the “ten lawyers knocking on your door” stress test :slight_smile:

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I’m aware this seems really lazy but I don’t want to just rehash the things I already put here -

I’m happy to answer any questions, and I would love the lawyer stress test @berrios.eth . :laughing:

@AvsA would be a great choice, he done enormous things to ENS :hugs:

@avsa is the best choice possible

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