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This thread is for requesting new subgroups in the Community Working Group category.

What are Subgroups?

Subgroups are how ENS community members become involved in the DAO as contributors.

A subgroup might have a particular function, be focused on a specific initiative, or simply be a topic of interest. Subgroups are how ENS community members become involved in the DAO as contributors.

Subgroup Lead Coordinator

When submitting a request, for a subgroup identify who you would like to be the point of contact for the subgroup.

Submit a Request

Reply to this thread with the following information in your subgroup request. Please tag the lead coordinator in your reply.

Subgroup Name:
Subgroup Lead Coordinator:
Purpose of Subgroup:
Potential Contributors (# or names):
Additional Comments:


For questions about the creation of sub-groups in the community working group category, contact the Q1/Q2 lead coordinator @Coltron.eth # Start Here! :wave:

This thread is for requesting new subgroups in the Community Working Group category.


Subgroup Name: Learn Docs
Subgroup Lead Coordinator: Coltron.eth
Purpose of Subgroup: To create a repository of frequently asked questions on Gitbooks. This will increase accessibility to non-technical documentation and allow users to field their own questions before opening an official help ticket on Discord.
Potential Contributors (# or names): 8+
Additional Comments: This Subgroup is already in place. Zadok7.eth or Arikan.eth may function as the lead coordinator.


Subgroup Name: ENS Social Club
Subgroup Lead Coordinator: @daylon.eth
Purpose of Subgroup: To allow a space for “non work/DAO” related discussions, shared interests, news, and general chat. @alisha.eth and I discussed this last night, and the analogy is - the main forums are for work, and the ENS Social Club is the pub after work where we can be real people and “let our hair down,” so to speak. I will even allow things like “shilling,” so long as users follow the rules, which I will also explicitly create and enforce.

I am willing to be the primary moderator of this subgroup, and if accepted, intend to dedicate at least 2 hours a day to maintaining order in it. I had originally proposed that I would only like compensation in the form of voluntary tips, but @alisha.eth said that I should receive at least a base fee due to the amount of time and effort that will be required to keep it under control.
Potential Contributors (# or names): TBD
Additional Comments: I have no idea how to determine a fair compensation or budget, but that is the lowest priority for me.


Subgroup Name : Public Good School Mentorship Programme
Subgroup Lead Coordinator : @RyanCoordinator
Purpose of Subgroup: To grow and strengthen our community network and relationships by bringing new people into the space and pairing them with experienced and respected pillars of the community.
Potential Contributors (# or names): Looking for mentors and collaborators! I put up an intake form linked on the PGS twitter
Additional Comments: This is only the first PGS initiative! We will be building content curricula, hosting events, placing mentees in a work rotation programme, and many other initiatives to strengthen our community! Come join us as we are Growing Innovative Leaders and build a better future together!


Any interest in occasional real life meetups as well? Could perhaps do some adjacent meetups at crypto conferences. ETH Denver might be an opportunity.


Very much in favor of this. Could lead meet ups in NYC

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I’m all for it Limes!

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Subgroup Name : Communidad Para Hispanohablantes
Subgroup Lead Coordinator : oakgroup.eth
Purpose of Subgroup: To foster community within the Spanish and Hispanic cultures, globally.
Potential Contributors (# or names): 3
Additional Comments: When ENS DAO is ready, I would gladly accept responsibility for this subgroup.


Subgroup Name : Mirror DAO Subgroup
Subgroup Lead Coordinator : @premm.eth
Purpose of Subgroup: ENS is a member of the DAO. As members we have our own blog,, and we can participate in Mirror DAO activities. Mirror is also a member of the ENS community, with every member receiving a subdomain of which is registered with ENS Mainnet Migration — Mirror. There are many ways that Mirror and ENS can work together, with the first being ENS using our blog effectively, including community involvement. This subgroup would be responsible for creating a regular post which could be written by members of the ENS community, members of the subgroup, or guest contributors. Mirror also has other features including the ability to drop NFTs, with advanced tools for doing real time splits. It would be possible to provide grants to artist and creatives who for instance use .ETH as their twitter name, to do official NFT drops on the ENS mirror blog. It would be possible to use the splits feature on mirror to make the grants program regenerative, paying back ENS for the grant and at the same time rewarding guest artists with additional funds for successful launches. It would also be possible to incorporate public goods funding at the same time.
Potential Contributors (# or names): @xsculpt and anyone else?
Additional Comments: The ENS Mirror blog can be used more effectively to highlight the many use cases of ENS including subdomains, login with Ethereum, decentralized websites, and of course profiles. It can also help to highlight the diversity of the community and humanize the ENS community by highlighting stories of ENS community members.


Subgroup Name : ENS DAO Newsletter
Subgroup Lead Coordinator : @daylon.eth
Purpose of Subgroup: To compile and publish a bi-weekly summary of the developments and happenings within the ENS DAO and its Working Groups. It can start as simple as a bi-weekly forum post, and get as elaborate as a mailing list, and even extend into sending press releases to prominent publishers.
Potential Contributors (# or names): I am happily accepting applications from interested community members that would like to contribute to editing and publishing. I can act as lead editor and publisher if more people want to get involved.
Additional Comments: It would be really helpful to establish a type of pipeline where WGs can compile a summary of their weekly developments and pass it on to the Newsletter team for write-up and publication. It would be great to have a few more people interested in writing and editing, but I am willing to do it all myself on a bi-weekly basis at a bare minimum. I will also push the newsletter on my Twitter, and maybe at some point there could even be a separate Twitter account for this specific purpose.


Subgroup Name : Community Subdomains Subgroup
Subgroup Lead Coordinator : @premm.eth
Purpose of Subgroup: The subgroup will support DAOs and the broader ENS community to use subdomains for their members. The subgroup will also act as a point of contact for communities wanting to use subdomains in their projects and also support groups already using subdomains in their projects.
Potential Contributors (# or names): @vitruvius & Please contact @premm.eth to work on this project!
Additional Comments: Currently there is a lot of new tech being developed to support subdomains, including L2s (e.g. CCIP Read) and new types of resolver contracts (e.g. ENSIP-10: Wildcard Resolution); however, many people in the ENS community are unaware of how to take advantage of these upgrades. The Community Subdomains Subgroup will work on practical applications for subdomains, and publish their work for the broader community to use, including documentation. Some applications may include best practices for forming DAOs using second-level domains and subdomains, creating a resolver that uses the primary ENS name for subdomain resolution, and supporting projects with technical and practical help (e.g. regarding using L2s).


Subgroup Name: Marketing and Translating in Arabic

Subgroup Lead and coordinator : Kwd.eth ,

Purpose of Subgroup: Marketing and translating Ens and Ens community globally.

1-Translate technical documents based on self-interest or by Ens committee instructions and recommendations. will provide support and a ticketing system to solve user issues or concerns.

2-For Marketing strategies, I can make sure we as a group will provide workshops and known methods to provide users with absolute ability and flexibility to interact with Ens, Ens users, technologies, plans, announcements as soon as possible.

Potential Contributors (# or names):TBA
Additional Comments:
located in Middle East, other means will be discussed later.


I would be glad to contribute to the marketing task.


Will be my pleasure, thanks for supporting

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I’d like to contain all translation efforts for all languages in the Translation subgroup. This is the most practical solution from a budgeting and organizational standpoint.

@kwd.eth @berrios.eth
Let’s discuss ideas for a Marketing Subgroup in it’s own post. Before requesting a budget or subgroup, it would be nice to see a well-formed plan. I have a feeling there may be a lot of ideas. An ENS Merch Store was recently discussed which also fits under this category.


Subgroup Name : India Outreach and Onboarding Program
Subgroup Lead Coordinator: Vitruvius.eth
Purpose of Subgroup: To create awareness about the ENS mission and values among the Indian masses particularly in the Developer community, supporting hackathons, organizing events both in-person and online, Identifying contributors who shall able to help achieve the ENS DAO mission, Reaching out to Influencers to get on board the ENS ecosystem. Curate partnership and Bussiness Relationship with Web3.0 startups out of India. Create Dedicated Social Media Channels.
Potential Contributors: 2+ (If you happen to think that you can contribute in any which way do reach out in the DM.)
Additional Comments: As many would agree here that India and Indians are going to be the driver of the mass - market web 3.0 adoption. Hence the DAO should give special attention to the Indian Market and help create a personalize and tailored onboarding experience on ENS Ecosystem


Subgroup Name : ENS Marketing
Subgroup Lead Coordinator : @cryptomonkey42069
Purpose of Subgroup: To develop a marketing plan for ENS services
Potential Contributors (# or names): @berrios.eth @cryptomonkey42069 @Cannabusiness.eth @inplco @Premm.eth @kwd.eth @Skeleton_Man @daverodman @hahaschool
Additional Comments: If we are to grow our presence in web3, then we need to find a way to communicate with our potential customers. We could use volunteers from our community with entrepreneurial, marketing, and translation skills to achieve this, to build ENS for the future. It would be nice to brainstorm and create bullet points of ENS’s benefits and how ENS can meet the needs of our customers.


Katykin.eth shared a killer ENS marketing presentation with me at ETHDenver. I need to remove some personal information from it before I can share.

A marketing subgroup would definitely be beneficial. Since we’re early, we should consolidate efforts as much as possible and then differentiate subgroup workstreams as they mature.

We may be able to effectively spin-up the swag store and some of the suggested culturally specific outreaches presented above by @vitruvius @kwd.eth by the end of this Q1/Q2 term. We will need to identify contributors with the available time/skills to dedicate to make this successful.

I’ll send you a DM on this later today.


Sounds feasible, I’m happy to help but I am also autonomous in many spaces - and if things aren’t aligning with ENS interests, please let me/us know.

Currently we have the Pinterest account slowly growing, and the ENS Reddit sub r/EthereumNameService which is looking at cooperating with r/ENSMarket and r/ENSWallets.

We’re also developing “” for resellers, live nightly/weekly secondary auctions etc.

Then there is “” to compliment the efforts of the “Fellowship of Ethereum Wizards” with regard to EIP’s.

Majorly though, this team I’m with, we’re currently entering the Cannabis industry (Australia/USA.) with a focus on AI-Category Management - Procurement.

We’re currently working with med and rec centers already… And in strategy proposal talks with an upcoming annual Marijuana decriminalisation Festival “Mardigrass” located in the Cannabis capital NimBin.

I know you all understand what ENS can do when combined with DNS and that you know how valuable it is to conduct business with these growing industries.

There is a big push for consolidation in the marijuana industry, which is where ENS becomes useful.

We’re creating a utility that people can use when they purchase their Cannabis. Once tx goes thru it should automatically go on instead of scanning due to ENS

Every company is using 0x Protocol. Even the state of Illinois website uses it.

By integrating ENS into each DNS we’ll be able to achieve our program/mine meta data, so much more without concessions on data ownership. The user thinks they are holding a product when in all reality they are the product.

Again, integrating ENS into DNS the meta data still allows the consumer to remain anonymous, like a mutually exclusive event(?)

DNSSEC do encrypt queries, but fall short on protecting user meta data, a data ownership issue.

ENS however, (still dependent on DNSSEC infrastructure) preserve the identity of the user.
So using our utility, you can allow the collection of data…

More data is collected by groups ( / DNS), but is more targeted ( / ENS) yet anonymous. Small-medium- large businesses all benefit from the pooled database.

(We’re looking at access being tokenised so the smaller contributors are segmented (optionally,) and granted more limited access by smaller token allowance, but not entirely sold on the idea.)


Please send it to me. Thanks!