Community Working Group Dashboard

Community Working Group Dashboard

:star: Getting Started

This post contains all of the information necessary to become involved with the Community Working Group.

:rocket: Our Mission

The mission of the Community Working Group is to foster the growth of a thriving ENS community. The Community WG wants to strengthen relationships between those passionate about ENS in real life, the metaverse, and anywhere in between.

Fostering the growth of our community comes in the form of:

  • Onboarding. Creating initiatives to introduce and onboard new users into the ENS ecosystem.
  • Education. Educate new and existing users on the goals/ideals of ENS.
  • Inclusion. Create safe spaces for the discussion of anything related to ENS.
  • Representation. Initiate ENS DAO proposals that represent our community members.

:man_technologist: Role Definitions

  • Steward: Adheres to all specifications set forth in EP4, guide overall operation of Community working group, facilitates the creation and dissolution of subgroups within the working group, maintain broad knowledge of ENS governance process, coordinate with stewards across other working groups, champion for Subgroup Lead Contributors, ensure working group and subgroups are realizing their full-potential, assumes role of subgroup lead coordinator if necessary.
  • Subgroup Lead Contributor (LC): Oversees the successful operation of a subgroup, establishes subgroup objectives, submits subgroup resource requests at the beginning of the term or as needed, tasks contributors, assumes the role of the contributor if necessary.
  • Contributor: Responsible for completing tasks within a subgroup.

:briefcase: Steward Information

Your elected Community Stewards are:

  • coltron.eth
  • spencecoin.eth
  • limes.eth
  • validator.eth
  • matoken.eth

:calendar: DAO Calendar

ENS DAO Master Calendar: Public Access
ENS DAO Master Calendar: Access with Gmail

:speaking_head: Recurring Community Calls

The Community Working Group hosts several recurring calls. These are great entry points to ask questions and learn about our Working Group.

  1. Community Steward Call - Every Friday at noon EST. 12pm EST (5:00pm UTC)
  2. DAO-Wide Onboarding Call - Friday at 1:30pm EST. 1:30pm EST (6:30pm UTC)
  3. Twitter Spaces - Twitter once per week depending on availability. Please check the Calendar for the most up to date schedule.

:hammer_and_wrench: Working Group Information

Subgroup Lead Contributor
Communications @daylon.eth
Communidad Para Hispanohablantes @estmcmxci
Discord Support Mods TBD
IRL Outreach @Limes
Learn Docs @zadok7
Onboarding @vegayp
Translation @estmcmxci & @bobjiang

:world_map: Roadmap

This will be updated as subgroups become established.

:bank: Budget

Passed: [EP 7.3] [Executable] Q1 & Q2 2022 Community Working Group Budget Request

:card_index_dividers: Documents and Templates

Template Posts



Work in progress. :point_up: Information will be updated as it changes or becomes relevant.

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