Converting .eth domain to permanent listing

I bought a .eth domain last year, and have seen that I now need to “migrate it to the permanent registrar”. How do I do that?

I can’t find any instructions on the steps to take.


You should be able to see migrate button when you search your name at and logged in as the deed owner of the name

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

What I’ve understood is that I should go to “” using a browser that supports wallets, and be connected with the same wallet that controls the “.eth” domain. Is that correct?

In practice, this means that I need to be 100% comfortable with metamask (which I’m not) in order to link the hardware wallet to the webbrowser. I therefore tried to use Brave instead and it was a disaster (I didn’t sign up for the ad tokens which may have been the mistake), but it didn’t make me feel any better about Metamask either.

Ah, so is your name owned by hardware wallet? How did you transfer the ownership at that time? may work though I have never used it myself.

You can use the contract interfaces of MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto to interact with ENS if you prefer - but the process to add a hardware wallet in metamask is much simpler.

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I’ve logged in through metamask to the wallet that controls the .eth address in but there is no “migrate” button anywhere on the page. Should “Parent” read “eth”? Seems odd. Registrant, Controller, and Address are all the eth address of the wallet I’ve logged in through metamask with.

I can alter records, set resolver, transfer controller, but I don’t see a migrate button anywhere…

Can you paste screenshot? More likely that you are controller but not registrant

I turned adblock off just in case it was hiding elements. Still a no-go.

I checked again, and now I see an expiration date that wasn’t there before, along with the migration call to action. Not sure what changed.


I bought the domain via and they used their own wallet. I then arranged for it to be transferred to an address of ours that we manage with a hardware wallet. I don’t know how they did it, and it took a few days, but worked fine.

Thanks to the advice here, I got the migration to work by installing the MyEtherWallet (MEW) plugin into Brave. Getting the whole thing though to work end to end wasn’t a smooth process and I needed advice from other reddit users.

MEW offers a basic management console (built in) for managing .eth domains so I hope that I can now use this to set the domain up.