<Crypto>Poetry ~ Decentralized Book

<Crypto>Poetry ~ Decentralized Book Proof of Rhyme

Dear Community,

I would like to present to you the <Crypto>Poetry art project. It was invented and started by me in the summer of 2021. Over the past year, I periodically returned to work on it and recently designed the project as a website. The site is small and very simple. I wanted it to combine both the earliest Internet technologies (static HTML) and the latest Web3 technologies, which are represented on it primarily by poems themselves. This site is under development and will grow as I progress in exploring Web3 and according to my poetic inspiration. At the same time, the site is an element of Web3, a part of its body, which means that it also contributes to net development.

The book Proof of Rhyme presented on the site is the first collection of cryptopoetry and exists in the art-in-progress mode. This book will be expanded with new poems and the development of poems themselves as their technological implementations allow.

Detailed information is on the site. You can also send me a message and ask a question.

Link: cryptopoetry.on.fleek.co

Thank you for your attention!

media artist

The information published in this post is dedicated to the poetry project, which is not limited to the use of technologies of any one blockchain and its accompanying ecosystem but is connected with others too. Therefore, this post may seem out of place here, and if there are justified objections from the community, I will delete it.



Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community @Cyberborea .


A very special idea, although not sure where it will go yet


And I don’t know ) But I think it’s good because there is a reason for the imagination. Now it exists for me as it is

Update: If the site does not open via a direct link, try another one: https://ipfs.fleek.co/ipfs/QmdPQb5sHu7X4bbPkyW1RqvdV85CwzXMVmffHma8WX4EqW/
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You are not alone…graineddots.eth.limo you can find my self-published poem there along with some other shorter poems.

The site looks intriguing to say the least. I am down assist, read, contribute, collaborate, and so on. Contact me @LetterArk on Twitter. Some of the links on the site are defunct.


Thanks for the feedback! I looked at your site and read Grains of Drift - portals - 0555… And others. You have beautiful lyrics. And indeed, our projects have many intersections.
As you noticed, lines of my poems = .eth domains = links. I compose poems from domains, I try to rhyme site addresses. The links work, but now they lead to their pages in https://app.ens.domains (probably need to enable DNS over HTTPS in your browser). There is no information there yet, but over time I will add it and it will also be creative. ) I’m working on it. I will also make a web page for each line. Each line will have its illustration as a web page. As a result, Proof of Rhyme will be a decentralized picture book.
I also have plans to make a poetry collection art site of various authors whose poems are mixed with Web3 technologies. If you’re interested, let’s discuss it. We can make this site together. However, we need to find more poets. )
Sorry, but I don’t like to communicate on Twitter, because there is a lot of informational noise. Better by mail. Please write to me: cyberborea@skiff.com

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Thanks for your feedback as well! I am very interested in some sort of collab and / or conversation about Web3 and literature. All of the above. I sent an email to your Skiff account from letterark@skiff.com --Quagga.eth