DAO audit? Who is over it? Is it happening?

Who is auditing the DAO use of funds?

The DAO is. No funds get allocated anywhere unless they are approved by a DAO-wide vote involving ENS tokenholders from all around the world: https://snapshot.org/#/ens.eth


DAO Treasury is public on the blockchain. You can see where the funds went and when

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No it needs to be fully audited. Lol not this generic answer. You guys think people are stupid?

No, not everyone. ENS Foundation is based in Cayman’s and that is the only legal entity that can force it to publish an audit report (I think). If you know a good lawyer who can serve a subpoena in Cayman’s, then you are good to go

@Sad What are you proposing? Both @serenae and @inplco’s answers are accurate, and are not a generic answer.

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