Dapps show & tell (lightning talk)

Show your project and get feedback from ENS team members.

  • Title: Dapps show & tell (lightning talk)
  • Description: Maybe 5 min talk and 3 min Q&A up to 5 project?
  • Category [Dapps]

Is this a good place to present ENSLogin ?

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I’d be happy to introduce what Almonit is doing if that’s the place for it.

  • Title: DeFi777
  • Description: DeFi777 is a project for improving the usability of DeFi protocols. It uses ENS extensively as the “user interface”. In the future, it may use “smart resolvers” for resolving ENS names based on on-chain market data.
  • Category [Dapps]

We can probably do 4x 10 min talks (including GeoENS - seeking feedback) followed by 10~15 min discussion of what tools/services/support required to make ENS dev tooling better.