Decorating the ENS logo and integrating it into the avatar

I was chatting with service and kind of showing what I’ve been doing; primarily to be sure it was cool; and they suggested a create a thread to see what others do with the idea. :slight_smile:

I’ll only use one example in this first post, so I’m not spamming. You’ll find that I’ve also decided to build a brand around each one and provide added value.

Seems to me this is something people might like to hear about and try, themselves. At the very least, it’s fun, and I’d like to see some people out-fun me on this. :slight_smile:

I’ll complete the application to post in other areas, but I wanted to go ahead and give people a fun little challenge for themselves. Hopefully I’ve done this right. Didn’t want to link to anything here until I’m more experienced with the forum and know where to do it.


Well, I used the one where I slightly missed one barrel monkey by a few pixels, but still, you get the idea. LOL

I like this one of yours


Thanks! That’s one with a website, too:

One sign shop is working on making that now in laminated aluminum with screen printing and vinyl, and another shop is being commissioned for a full, 3D, proper sign made of the materials illustrated; with an illuminated ENS logo. :slight_smile:

Once past location, real estate is about careful, cost-effective improvement; and in a way this is real estate, so I decided to really polish them up as more than just domains. :slight_smile:

I like that one, too. :slight_smile:

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I guess that’s one of my two points:

1: Adding traditional and modern value
2: It’s a LOT of fun integrating the logo. :slight_smile:

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Very nice, @BSP3.

Whenever I see these monkeys I think of Toy Story! :slight_smile:



Didn’t even cross my mind. LOL

I thought it would just be a funny one, but in the end it turned out to look cool.

Found there are some who’ve never seen those, though.

One thought it was a foreign language; which, to be fair, I can kind of see. Haha

I need to fix the hanging monkey. I uploaded the wrong one.

Only a few bucks, though. Seriously, this adds a lot of fun to these domains, and it’s cheap.

I’d suggest everyone try it at least once. :slight_smile:

I’ll put a few more here, to give people some avatar ideas, and perhaps some can think of ways to decorate the logo. :slight_smile:

Those aren’t captures from the sites. Obviously I had to type in the letters and mostly replicate their logo for these demonstration shots; but put the right art behind them, and when the ENS logo is applied you roughly know where it will be.

Took me a few tries, even with grids; so if ENS likes this idea, they might consider offering a vector template (preferably one compatible with Coreldraw… LMAO). Then, anyone can more easily do this, and I think more will over time.

Well, forgot a few haven’t been finalized yet, but you get the idea. Each ENS logo can be used for different things. LOL

I’m playing around with the ELECTRO-JUNK avatar now, and have a few ideas for the logo. I did find they have great guidelines for their logo use, as well; which makes it easy to get it more accurate in things like this, and even offer the files for download! :slight_smile:

That’s a great thing. Makes it easy to get the images you post in social media outlets and forums more accurate to how they look as NFTs; because if that logo isn’t there, it throws off the art balance.

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If you’re trying to create your own and like the shiny bit at the top, it’s easy.

It’s no more than a bent triangle filled white and turned partially transparent. :+1:

Bought so many of them as a bit of a branding exercise; deliberately difficult stuff, and some repetition.

That btcchart domain… It seems so obvious to just use a chart, until you remember everyone’s already done it, and you’re actually tired of looking at those logos. There was no recognizable way I could think of that quickly to use a different concept; so I changed the shape and location, let part be cut off, and most importantly gave it texture and dimension.

That bypassed the common look, while still being obvious as to what it represents, because the key to good logo design is ensuring that even if all the words are taken away, you know what it represents. :+1:

Figured I may as well get some silly ones, too. Few have been easy. LMAO

Those are fun! Thanks for experimenting with these visuals


Thanks. :slight_smile:

They’re changing a little, and since I have the branding kit downloaded I can now use them correctly when not shown on an exchange with the auto-populated transparency.

Not sure if they auto-darken yet when a white background is uploaded yet. I’ll try it later when gas is cheap again; just to be sure. If they don’t, I’ll be wary when planning anything whitish in the upper left.

So far as the “demo” avatars I have on the site and here, it comes down to manually putting them in, and that branding kit lets me do that now, while also sticking to standard.

If there was a vector template put in there for the square and location of text and logo and a few rules to follow, more people might give it a shot. :slight_smile:

The NFT overlay image already is an SVG!

See here:

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I know that, but what it isn’t is a template.

That would allow more people to make more avatars with more consistency and less trial/error.

It’s just a suggestion they might consider; not a request.

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I’m happy to keep posting my work, but it will begin to look like an advertisement, which it’s not. :rofl:

Logo or not, if you’ve got an avatar that’s intended to be cool, funny, or you’ve just tried to do a good job of making the square interesting, pop on in. :slight_smile: I’d like to see what others have done.

I almost feel like I understand the forum enough now to browse it; but not quite. LOL

I really like the forum, though. The efficiency is obvious, and nothing beats efficiency, aside from the patience required to achieve it. :+1:

I just need to level up in social media use. LOL

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Supposed to be another number there, but it’s funny I’ve been saved from my oversight by the fact that I don’t actually have to get that part right. LMAO Fixed it on the site though.

This I’m not sure about… Then again, the eth logo is plastered all over the web, so maybe it’s cool.

I’m sure I’ll find out quickly if it isn’t.

Not particularly creative, but I think it looks cool. :rofl:

Rats! Forgot the inner shadow. Oh well. Fix it in post, right? LOL

This time I’m using the official media kit for the ENS brand, instead of my own drawing for demonstration pictures like this. Nice guidelines that do ensure a quality product. :+1:

I should make that thing translucent, I think.

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Going to have to do some thinking to determine what to do with that ENS logo. Hmm…

I’ll figure something out; or perhaps that’s clean enough I shouldn’t do much else.

What do you think?

I’m having far too much fun with this. LOL

I’ll go explore other sections that I can, as I think that’s enough of my own stuff here.

Any more and it’s going to look like an ad. :slight_smile: