Delegate links for easy campaigning

For those who would like to vote for me:

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If you like my proposal ENS DAO Delegate Applications - #809 by emilianobonassi, consider delegate me via :pray:

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Do you like NFT art? Please vote me!

Hope cryptoartist have power

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So my delegate address is
Vote for me when claiming your tokens

So, if I’m understanding this correctly, one can just casually incorporate a URL like into conversation and that’ll allow people to more easily delegate? Does it appear more casual and subtle if urls like are worked into the conversation as a question?

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GM you all, with both my wife and I passionate in this space in regards to the fundamental principles of the decentralized movement, I wish to earn your vote.

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GM :star2:

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Wooot … LFG

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LFG! HODLHQ will be here helping the community whether we get enough delegated to us or not :smiling_imp: :slight_smile:

We are honored to be accepted as a delegate and to help guide ENS growth for years to come.

We’d love your support. Thank you!

Your help please

gm w zhidao l e…祝福ens突破100美金

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Delegatee competent in dapp development.

looking for subdelegates
contact us:

You don’t always have to be technically proficient to contribute. In fact, there are many non-technical ways one can contribute, by being an active participate in many of the non-technical discussions, offering insight, a different point of view. Diversity of thought and contribution allows for a more robust discussion, so please consider me as your delegate.

I thought I had been approved for a delegate when I saw my avatar on one of the first delegate twitter posts, however I didn’t see my name in the delegate group. Bummer. I must have done something wrong.