Delegation Week - Check on your ENS delegation


Raf from Tally here. I wanted to give you a quick update on Delegation Week, which starts today.

Delegation Week is an ecosystem-wide event for DAO governance engagement. There’s a lot going on, including an ENS twitter space. The goal of the week is to build feedback loops between delegates and tokenholders. Delegates can share what they are doing. Tokenholders can check that they’re still aligned with their delegate.

For this week, Tally has partnered with ENS to offer free delegation for eligible ENS holders. To be eligible, you had to own at least 10 ENS on May 1st.

If you are a delegate or a tokenholder, visit your ENS Dashboard. From there, you can update your profile, see who you are delegating to, or find a new delegate if you want to change.

If you are a delegate, this week is also a good time do some campaigning! Tell your friends and followers why they might want to delegate their ENS to you. Let them know what you stand for and that they can delegate to you for free from your Tally profile this week. (e.g. here is my Tally ENS profile. I’m not running though!).

Happy Delegation Week! I’m around to answer questions.


There are some tweets on the ENS DAO Twitter account about Delegation Week here and here.

If people want to keep up with the Spaces that will happen throughout the week, I recommend following Tally on Twitter.

If anyone has questions about Delegation Week, or wants to talk more generally about meta-governance, the MetaGov working group call is tomorrow at 11am ET. Call details can be found in this forum post.

I hope members of the ENS community looking to participate in the DAO take this opportunity to engage with token holders, and set up their Delegate Profile on Tally. If you know someone who might be interested in being a Delegate, please share this post with them!