Domain Appraisal

What is the best way to estimate the price for a ENS domain?

Not the way people are doing it. Quoting 14k for spunonmeth.eth and like 2000 for rockyhorrorpictureshow now i know ones shorter but no one is going to buy jt as the other is a cult classic

There isn’t really a ‘best way’ to appraise an ENS name. The process becomes sorta difficult because anyone who wants to set up a system for domain appraisal might get accused of having bias of their own bags. For the most part most people who are buying annd selling ENS names usually get prices from the community on twitter or on marketplaces like, OpenSea and there is also an appraisal site specifically for ENS ENSkit.

ENSkit is a subscription based service. Although, you are able to get a few free appraisals. I’m not too sure about the accuracy of appraised price and going market rate. The secondary market is a tough sell. You just got to connect with the right buyer who is willing to exchange X tokens or X ETH for what you are wanting to get from it.

You can also connect with other people in ENSMarket Discord Server or ENS.Vision. Just be sure to read the rules of each server as they are important to the regulars.

For future reference, we like to keep secondary price discussion off ENS DAO Forum. The DAO–collectively does not want to influence any secondary price discussion because the DAO has zero function for promoting secondary sales.

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