Donation for ENS PR

Hello everyone.

There are members at ENS community worried for the following points:

  1. There are other Blockchain domains projects investing big into PR (YouTube, Google engine search, etc)

  2. Followers on Twitter @ensdomains are not rising. Looks like 185,000 is the breakeven (members unfollowing are equal to new followers).

  3. Even ENS has the biggest community, other Blockchain domain projects have more followers on Twitter and new blockchain domain projects are rising.

My proposal is that you create a wallet to fund PR for ENS. I would be glad to donate monthly at least $10 USD.

Maybe ENS could make a recognition list for members that donate the most and mention them so would be a win - win because the top donors will automatically get more followers.

We are over 400,000 members, so imagine the posibilities if the idea works. And if it doesnt, what do we lose?

Thank you for reading :v:.


Thank you for wanting to donate to PR. They were hurt in that hurricane.

Glad to help as much as I can :+1: