[Draft] [Executable] Extend ENS DAO to EIP 4824

Status | Pending
Authors | DAO* (Amandeep @amanwithwings , Joshua Tan @thelastjosh , Isaac Patka @izkp )


The EIP-4824 standard defines common interfaces for DAOs via daoURI, akin to tokenURI for NFTs. This proposal will extend ENS DAO to EIP-4824 by deploying a new registration contract through a contract interaction with the EIP-4824 factory maintained by DAOstar.


Adopting the EIP-4824 standard will enrich the on-chain information availability of ENS governance contracts, making it easier for existing and future DAO tools to seamlessly interact with the contracts. A specific example is enabling members to interact with the ENS governance contracts through different front-end interfaces, potentially across multiple chains. Some of the tools that are digesting or committed to digesting this enriched information include Snapshot, Tally, DAOhaus, Etherscan, DeepDAO, and other members of DAOstar One 3.

Note that adopting the standard does not require any parameter changes to ENS’s existing DAO contracts, nor is there any cost besides gas to call the factory contract. The proposal does not in any way change the way that ENS’s governance works.


If passed, the ENS DAO will upgrade to EIP-4824 by calling the EIP-4824 registration contract located at 0x37df3fc47c1c3a2acafd2dad9c1c00090a8655bc, setting the ENS Timelock and the MetaGovernance WG multisig as its admins and Joshua Tan (thelastjosh.eth) of DAOstar as its manager. No funds will be transferred.

The registration contract exposes a daoURI view function which returns the URI containing the EIP4824 compliant registration JSON document.

This executable proposal will execute the following calls to complete the contract upgrades:

  1. Call EIP4824RegistrationSummoner.summonRegistration(salt, daoURI,manager, contracts, data)
  2. Call grantRole(role, address) on 0xFe89cc7aBB2C4183683ab71653C4cdc9B02D44b7, the registration contract deployed by Call 1

New clones are deployed to predictable addresses using the message sender and a bytes32 value combined as a salt.

Roles and Access Control

There are only two actions possible in the registration contract: (1) changing daoURI and (2) changing the role structure.

A manager can modify the daoURI but not the roles while an admin can modify both the daoURI & the role structure.

During registration, admin roles are granted to the ENS Timelock and the MetaGovernance WG multi-sig. A manager role is granted to Joshua Tan (thelastjosh.eth) of DAOstar.

Deployment Details

The registration factory contract is deployed to nearly all EVM chains. The mainnet address is 0x37dF3fC47C1c3A2acaFd2Dad9c1C00090a8655Bc.

The factory uses a clone proxy pattern with a template registration contract deployed to 0x4aCd31Edc93adB1Cf08FFBCf4097bd61f4A824f6. New clones are deployed to predictable addresses using the message sender and a bytes32 value combined as a salt.


Address Value Function Arguments Value
0x37dF3fC47C1c3A2acaFd2Dad9c1C00090a8655Bc summonRegistration salt, daoURI, manager, contracts, data 0x42, daoURI (TBD), 0x356bd1169A2b94B5a3C9D9F356FA5D35E584A521, {}, {}
0xc4f4474f8cd63091d416d04d2b95fa1a0f01a2f1 grantRole role, address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, 0x91c32893216dE3eA0a55ABb9851f581d4503d39b

+1 to the above proposal and all of the :fire: work DAOstar do!


Agree - seeing them so actively involved in solving a lot of these issues and hearing from the team on the MG call yesterday was really good :+1:


Thank you for the support @James & @simona_pop :slight_smile:




@amanwithwings I sent you a message on June 2nd asking for further clarification and information about this. If you could please respond that would be great.

Apologies for not seeing your message earlier, @accessor.eth. I’m happy to provide further context on EIP-4824 - just sent you a message with my Telegram details. Let’s coordinate and discuss further there.

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Hello everyone,

I’m excited to share that DAOstar has recently been awarded a grant from Optimism, for further developing and ensuring EIP-4824 compliance within the Optimism Ecosystem. It’s encouraging to see more DAOs recognizing the importance of standards like EIP-4824!

As we approach the vote on EIP-4824 adoption within ENS, I’m optimistic about receiving similar support from ENS delegates. I’d like to stress that our proposal does not involve the transfer of any funds or modifications to ENS. Instead, it only deploys a smart contract that can hold information about ENS DAO. If anyone has questions or requires further clarification, please feel free to reach out.

Furthermore, in the upcoming quarter, we plan to explore the potential of leveraging ENS to build an easier path to EIP-4824 compliance for DAOs. Looking forward to the exciting developments ahead!