ENS Airdrop question about fees etc

I noticed the fees are much higher when trying to claim the tokens. For example, if try to transfer to another ETH address, the fees are $3 - 5, but when I try to claim the tokens, I get $37 - 58 in fees. Why such a difference? What is the $30 - 50 paid for?

Also, when it shows how much you claim, is it tokens that I’ll receive or USD?

Different transactions consume different amounts of gas. A normal ETH transfer is 21k gas, while the Claim Tokens transaction against the ENS token contract consumes around 152k-166k gas. The extra gas consumed reflects the extra work miners need to perform in order to run the smart contract code.

The claim website shows how many ENS tokens you’ll receive, not USD.


Everything clear now. Thanks a lot!

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