ENS DAO Animated Explainer Video Series

Hi Team / Community

What do you guys think about about creating some high end animated explainer videos about ENS?

I do work for projects and platforms like PancakeSwap, BurgerSwap Binance, Zilliqa,_ Nem, Tezos , EOS etc etc and a handful of Defi projects as well i can pop a few examples over to showcase if need be as well?


Can you link some reference to your work?


Yes thank you @estmcmxci below are a few examples of various styles to consider :slight_smile:


We are working on a system to streamline small grants that can be voted by the community directly.
This is the type of work I believe it would support. What is usually your budget for these videos?


These are great animations. Thank you for sharing them!

Are you thinking explainers for the DAO/governance? Just trying to understand where these types of videos would fit it. They are high-end and seem more geared toward marketing/promotion.

What are you thinking would be the most useful case for creating these?


Hi @zadok7 @AvsA thank you so much for the cool feedback!

To answer Alex, regards budget, typically i bill anything between 1800- 2000$ for a single production.“depending on running time etc”…

However, i do offer and assist my clients with a nice bulk discounted rate of 1500$ each if they commit to 2 or more videos. This seems to be quite a popular choice as it allows us to cover more topics this way and provides us with a variety of content to use for marketing / promotion etc.

In my humble opinion, at that discounted rate i would suggest say 3 - 4 Productions.

Zadok, all Videos would be of the same high end quality, have the logo animation and involve clean stylish 3d Isometric motion graphics. The work would be themed / styled according to the same look and feel of the Ens website “colors / background / font” and all our work should include a call to action at the end of the productions.

These works will serve to both educate the viewers about ENS as well as provide us with a useful tool from a marketing perspective etc etc.

Ideally, we stick to the 1minute 30seconds running time and all i would need to get cracking is the work alongside you lads to select, develop and execute the scripts for the topics we think we ought to cover :slight_smile:

Hey guys - had another interesting thought… humour me…

  1. SUMMARY: -

We could also do an educational video series where Marcus, @AvsA or @zadok7 and myself work on what content/topics we wish to cover in these educational videos (since you guys are close to the heart of the project )

Ideally the videos will not be too long, but they should include enough basic info that can direct newcomers / community members to the videos whereby they will explain most of the basics about ENS

This way our mods dont have to constantly repeat certain common questions to newbies every single time they enter the chat

This can also be helpful to existing ENS members who want to get more educated about ENS


In the future we can have informational videos split up into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. We can get new investors / partners / stakeholders etc to go there and learn the best practices and increase their knowledge base.

We can even tokenize the system and reward investors for “ENS Academy learn-to-earn”

ENS E-learning modules to educate and equip our community. Watch the modules, answer a short questionnaire “google form style” and earn free tokens for your participation… i envision something along those lines…

Why don’t we schedule a group call to thrash this out and map the steps forward? Itd be awesome chatting to you guys in person if you keen?

Think it would be cool to see small explainer videos like these for basic ENS concepts. If we are going to make tutorials involving the manager app then it’s best to wait for v3 to be released.


Thanks for sharing @MotionFactory, great videos!

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ah tks so much @khori.eth apprecite the positivity!! I have a meeting setup on Monday with @Leon to further discuss ideas etc. ill keep all you lads posted!!


Sounds good!

If there’s a working group put together regarding creating informative video content I’d love to join as well. That’s my day job :laughing:



I’d be interested to see if we could perhaps integrate these into the Communication Sub Group as part of developing the ENS DAO’s publication arm… during Term 1 we were able to establish a bi-weekly newsletter to help inform the community of all things ENS DAO. Would like to expand the newsletter into multimedia format to help inform / educate users more.