ENS DAO Public Goods Highlights

Women-led initiatives in our Ecosystem

ENS DAO Public Goods Working group is highlighting women-led initiatives within the ENS ecosysystem and Web3 adjacent ecosystems. The initiave will seek to highlight Gitcoin GR15 and leaders in the space who focus on protocol development, education, and advocacy.

This is an exercise in building rapport with those underserved communities and establishing our unique identity as a vehicle for funding Public Goods.


ENS DAO has a unique opportunity to establish itself as its own voice in the space. We are different because we represent a breadth of community in the space that do not necessarily identify or align themselves with solarpunks,regen, or ‘wholesome ethereans’.

We can go about funding public goods in an entirely new way, with a focus on education and advocacy and serving underrepresented communities in web3 space.

Building Rapport

Women-led initiatives in the space that are focused on protocol development, education and advocacy.

hellenstans.eth & @estmcmxci will curate projects and reach out to program community spaces on Twitter and other social forums.

Feature different project within context of education and advocacy.

Pilot the program the week of September 12, evaluate results and test whether it served purpose.


ENS DAO will run the pilot program through the week of September 12 and host one space daily featuring women-led projects that focus on protocol development, education and advocacy of builders within the Ethereum Ecosystem.

Item Description Amount
Speakers Twitter Spaces 1500 USDC
Designer Cover art for Twitter Space 300 USDC
Hosts Spaces organization 1000 USDC

Total: 2800 USDC


What were the results :-D?

How was the attendance? Any other metrics worth checking out?


Hi Griff. The initiative sought to highlight different projects with a focus on advocacy and protocol development. We had close to 500 people attend the spaces and got to introduce women developers to the DAO. We featured Blu3DAO,She256 and ENSQueens.
We wrote more about the results in the newsletter here.