ENS DAO Town Hall

Town Hall call with stewards

Details: 4pm EST, Tuesday 24 May
Twitter Space link: https://twitter.com/ENS_DAO/status/1529137561750360064?s=20&t=8VQj8kWenc9-nxTgGk3UeA


We are holding a Twitter Space for the Town Hall. First up we will hear from stewards of each working group and then open it up to the wider community.

Everyone is welcome to attend this call: stewards, delegates, community members, curious ENS users.

What to expect

The intention of this call is to bring at least one steward from each WG together to give an update/retrospective on the happenings of each WG.

If you can’t make it, notes will be posted in the governance forum summarizing the call.

With the steward elections for the Second Term of 2022 coming up in June, I would encourage anyone interested in nominating themselves for the steward election to attend the call, along with Delegates who are looking to build more context around how ENS DAO Working Groups operate at the moment.

What not to expect

This is NOT an ENS troubleshooting session. If you need support, you can always DM our support team through the main ENS twitter account - @ensdomains.


Totally excited for this town hall!


A great initiative!

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Twitter Space link:



i had trouble trouble connecting. :face_with_spiral_eyes: my data literally gets throttled at 1300 every day smh. will listen to recording

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You didn’t miss anything. It was a snoozefest. I may be biased though because it was late for me.

But that’s just like… your opinion man. :wink: I took some notes that I can post after I format them.

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:rofl::wink::pray:t2::rocket: @daylon.eth That was nothing like Avengers. Wen refund?

tagging all speakers brb.

glad to see you’ve woken up @inplco

I didn’t think it was a snooze fest. It was calm, friendly, and provided some updates on the going on’s in the DAO :slight_smile:

I especially liked hearing updates about the Spruce SIWE identity-server (a project I’ve been a fan of for quite a while now.)


Just joking sir. Boring is good.

The feast was good, it was well worth listening to Alisha and members of the community

@inplco You may have gone in the middle, or your time zone will not be right according to the meeting. It would have been better if you listened to the meeting with a clear heart.


It is an inside joke. Don’t worry about it. I started my day by attending the Ecosystem WG call at 3:30 am and ended it with Town Hall at 22:45 and had two other ENS subWG meetings in between at 17:30 and 18:00. I am allowed to make a snoozefest joke

@inplco Sorry, maybe you are smarter than me, but to make fun of the meeting in which all the members of the ENS community have participated in it, I think Somewhere down the reputation of ENS DAO

Nothing like that. I wouldn’t spend time on ENS if all I wanted to do was make fun of it :pray:t2:

Here’s a quick overview.

Ecosystem - @slobo.eth
During the first term:

Community server - wyc.eth (Wayne from Spruce)

  • Uses EIP-4361 - Sign-in with Ethereum
  • Created Rust implementation that doesn’t store user data
  • Governed by ENS Ecosystem / Community

Over next few weeks:

  • Figuring out witness system for deployment - to verify the deployed code matches repo

Community - @Coltron.eth

  • RFP for ENS merch store open until the end of May
  • Learn Docs - Gitbook is up and working, looking to move off of Gitbook
  • Refining onboarding - looking at tools
  • Marcus (@estmcmxci ) is working on Spanish workshops, spearheading translation initiative, Comunidad Para Hispanohablantes subgroup, Code of Conduct
  • Community WG is giving out hats and shirts at EthNYC
  • ENS will be a sponsor at EthNYC, will not have a booth
  • ENS DAO Newsletter is published on the 1st and 15th of each month on the ENS DAO Forum, Substack, and Twitter.
  • Community WG Steward calls are Fridays at 9am PST / Noon EST

Public Goods - @avsa

  • Working closely with Gitcoin
  • Developing bounties and grants - “Bounties are for what we want to exist, grants for what already exists”
  • There is a bounty for “social media of the future,” - ~$60,000 prize, to encourage interoperability
  • Working with Protocol Guild, part of the group to encourage Ethereum core devs that are “underpaid”
  • Plans to donate ENS tokens unclaimed from airdrop - starting with 100k tokens, may expand to 400k.
  • Metaphor is developing an app for bounties
  • @carlosdp is proposing a system for bounties within the ENS community
  • Public Goods calls are 1PM EST on Tuesdays

Meta-Gov - @simona_pop

  • Focusing on Code of Conduct with Ecosystem WG, as well as conflict resolution process
  • Working on RFP for EnDAOment - will publish draft shortly.
  • (@Nick.eth) Looking for responsible party to manage EnDAOment
    (@inplco) - The Analytics subgroup just getting started - intends to streamline the DAO with data-driven tools, remove “career politicians”

Community Questions -

  • thenftverse.eth suggested separate leaderboards for different industries such as businesses, celebrities, etc
  • Chai.eth would like to see additional metrics for eth leaderboard(s), appraisal system for .eth domains
  • ivelin.eth - what’s going on with Layer 2 support?
    (Nick) working on resolution in more wallets, willing to bring on more devs to help

And there was a bit more after that but I had trouble keeping up. But that’s most of it.


You sir, are a hero!

Thank you so much for these notes!


You beat me to the punch Daylon, great job!

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