ENS DAO Working Groups

Thanks for the explanation Alisha, this was great clarification.

I’m excited to get involved!

Hey @alisha.eth
Hey everyone!


DAO governance
Treasury management
DAO law and accounting - I’m analyst by core, I’m thinking this would be a nice extension of my existing skillset

ENS Ecosystem:

Bug Bounty
Integrations - Would great to dive into ecosystem and see how ENS can be enhanced via integrations


Discord support - Something I’ve been doing anyway, I think I can be useful too
Media and Growth - Just a very interesting area to explore, I think I can be useful in terms of building external comms
Swag store

Public Goods (PG):

PG comms team
Funding ENS related PGs - I think this is extension of ecosystem here, something integrations development specialist should be looking at anyway
Funding web3/Ethereum PGs


Love the proposal and excited for the Snapshot proposals later this week. Thanks for adding additional detail here!

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Super excited about each of these working groups, and glad to see this model being experimented with more. If it helps, I’d be happy to provide advice on structuring these based on our experience on the Gitcoin side (e.g. proposing new groups, processes for running each working group operationally, onboarding / offboarding, etc.).

In terms of where I can dive in specifically, public goods are good, so I’d love to be involved in the Public Goods working group and help define a framework for how we fund both ENS and broader ecosystem infrastructure.

Overall, this seems like an awesome step forward for the DAO.


Felt so happy to see community and public goods as the working groups. It would be great if we can take this power to the remote and disconnected.

Can we fund or design solutions for the poor, unbanked and marginalized?

Can we push ourselves a little, and offer accessibility?

I am up, to contribute (non-technically) and learn in these two domains specifically.

Thank you


I’m in support of this @alisha.eth, great way to get involvement and engagement. I agree with your 4 main headers, I think they are perfect for now.

Law and Accounting will probably need to pick up Regulation / horizon scanning - or potentially this is critical enough to sit at the same heading level?

My thinking is that we need to keep looking ahead to consider if anything is happening around the world that could lead to problems for the DAO, and how to mitigate if so. Totally off the top of my head - if for example some large countries were to rule that DAO’s are illegal, or cannot do x or y, we need to consider what impact this has and how to respond. We could (a) comply (b) lodge a protest (c) try and reason (d) ignore and not comply - and I’m sure many other options. Similarly, if the global narrative about DAOs is going in a negative direction, this WG could draft the response for this.

I also wonder if there should be a WG to liaise/correspond with other DAO projects, or if this would be picked up in DAO Governance - something like External Relations? Linked to above, there may be some global matters where submitting a combined response could be helpful and it would be good if ENS were to be one of the leading DAOs in this messaging. Maybe this could also pickup liaison with ICANN / DNS as I would guess at some point this may be required.

WC3 has some good reference material on working groups if it is helpful: Working Groups.

I look forward to seeing the final plans.


I am in favor of the initial four Working Groups and Guilds proposed. I’m excited to see the community’s enthusiasm given a framework!

Since this is all new, I agree with @alisha that experimentation is definitely necessary. With that in mind, it would be helpful to know which hard boundaries are set surrounding specific processes. For example, I think it’s important to have a uniform process for the approval of spending of guild funds. This specific example ensures accountability and also allows the community to operate inter-guild on cross-over discussions without appeasing different sets of rules.

To achieve this, the “Council” concept previously mentioned may be helpful, and I would be in favor of a Working Group Council to help guide (not govern) the working groups.

My personal philosophy is that some structure is needed to balance optimal creativity and productivity.


@alisha.eth my very first reaction was to avoid using word “guild” tbh, sounds like one of those mmorpg narratives …


those are just focus teams maybe / division


Wish to be contribute “ENS ecosystem” & “Community” groups


Agree with the initial working groups.

As my experience in GitcoinDAO, let’s move first, and there would be some emergent working groups or interesting stuff.

I believe that the 4 WGs which are discussed and got agreement inside ENS team, so we can start the experiments, and see the potentials.

Personally I love to contribute to Community and Meta-Gov.


I think breaking down the work and delegating among delegates makes a lot of sense. Otherwise you could end up with a too many chefs situation.

I would love to be part of the meta-governance group although it would like be as an extra and not a core member as I am about to start a new job and I do not want to promise more time to the DAO then I can actually give. I also have a friend with a new age accounting firm (for lack of a better term) who is interested in seeing how they could work with the DAO. They are focused on software and automation which is why I believe they would be a good fit.

I would also like to be part of the PG discussions, and would probably fill the role of sceptic. I am not saying that this is currently the case, but the funding of public goods could lead the DAO to a state of cronyism where funds are directed to people/orgs with ties to influence people within the DAO. I’m sure we all have good intentions here, but that can also be said for a majority of politicians around the world, and look at the level of cronyism we have developed instead of a truly capitalistic society. This does not mean that I am against the funding of public goods at all, but I believe it has to be done carefully and applied equally to all projects looking for funding.



  • DAO governance: I’m following all the meta-governance stuff closely! I might not have the knowledge to contribute much to a working group but will add my two cents in whenever possible!

ENS Ecosystem:

  • Integrations: I come from a Java background and have worked with integrating all sorts of systems by building an ESB (enterprise service bus) that communicates with all sorts of different data formats and protocols like HL7/FHIR/DICOM/EDI/SOAP/etc. In particular I’m interested in the expansion of the ENS Metadata Service, because I feel that this service is key to smooth integration of ENS in websites, dapps, and other clients.

For example, just one little improvement I documented the other day for avatars: https://github.com/ensdomains/ens-metadata-service/issues/52

I want to see e-mail clients start resolving ENS names! I want to see Twitter automatically verify you based on your twitter record! And since custom keys are already supported for records, nothing is stopping other projects from integrating as well! Of course, all of that is possible already with ensjs and related libraries, the metadata service focuses on avatars and NFTs because those need a little more legwork to verify properly.


  • Discord support: Agreed with @SpikeWatanabe.eth, put me down on this one for sure! Happy to continue helping with discord support, and it’ll be great to have a formal working group around this. I feel like the easier we make it for newbies to join in and start using ENS successfully, the more exponential the adoption curve will be :rocket:

Maybe we could work on some tutorial videos together or something for common requests that we get? I would be excited to work on one for creating an ENS+IPFS website for example, as I have some experience there… :thinking:


videos are long overdue, I think we need to tender providers and get something done, a lot of questions on mechanics just keep coming up, I wish I could just send them a link to that video which explains it all

happy to work on that content too


Thanks everyone for providing feedback. I think the general consensus is that these Working Groups are a good starting point to establish a foundational structure for coordination within the DAO.

I am currently working on a draft proposal that outlines how Working Groups can be established, managed, and dissolved within the DAO. I am hoping to have the draft proposal ready for consultation in the next few days.

If that proposal progresses to a Snapshot vote and passes, it will then be possible to establish the four Working Groups in accordance with those guidelines.


Amazing and exciting times!

Would love to help with community, Discord, whatever is needed. I’ll also be posting some ENS tutorials soon as well. Especially interested in L2 for SSO.
Also super interested in public goods. Anything related to this count me in.


Great work!

Can I suggest that the Community WG, have a section dedicated to Onboarding and Integration? Discord support I feel isn’t enough, and if Discord will be the main community focus point, it has to aligned with the other social spaces in order to have the documentation, process, welcoming and retention strategies to keep the community at a good spot. Also it would help to be the point of outreach, as a way to communicate to token holders and community members about relevant situations.


Hey there! I think about ESB integration for fintech all day long at my day job. Love your ideas here. How can I participate in the guild/squad to flesh this out further?

Have you seen the tbDEX white paper? There were multiple elements of that protocol that I would love for the ENS team to comment on.


I’d be willing to be part of a “street team” if anyone else would like to get involved.


Hey all,

First, huge thanks to @alisha.eth for crafting this proposal and beginning the discussion!

We’re entirely supportive of this proosal on the whole. These kinds of working groups (workstreams) have been successful in governance systems across the space.

Areas we feel :fire:_ :fire: can be most engaged:


  • Our core focus is on building and improving governance systems. As such, we hope to play a role in the ongoing development and and evolution of both ENS and wider decentralized governance systems.

Public Goods:

  • Through our work with both Gitcoin and ENS, we’ve taken a significant interest in how public goods are funded on Ethereum, and how this funding is coordinated. We believe that ENS has an opportunity to make significant impact on Ethereum Public Goods funding and look forward to continuing to explore how to activate this moving forward.

Thinking about next steps; it seems like the logical path forward for @alisha.eth to post the draft proposal, then put out a call for participation to the community, allowing people to submit an application to join their preferred working groups.

From here, we can assign the ‘genesis squads’ for each WG and begin pushing forward on more detailed structure for each including:

  • Number of members
  • Responsibilities
  • Comms channels
  • Incentives
  • Short, med, long term goals

Questions that spring to mind:

  • What is the optimal number of people to assign to each working group?
  • How are group members decided initially?
  • What kind of remuneration can be expected for participation?
  • Where will comms for these groups live?
  • What kind of responsibility/reporting duties will each group have back to the wider community?
  • How will the groups collaborate and cross-pollinate with each other
  • How will the groups interact with other teams/people working towards similar goals?