ENS Domain ReSale Prices

Hey All,
Can anyone point me to a data source that would provide prices of resold ENS domains?
i.e, average prices per character, overall average price, highest price, lowest price, etc, notable names purchased by entities, services or notable public figures ?

Goodday Deepnode.eth!
At the ENS DAO Discord/Forum we are not in favor of squatting and/or selling ENS domains. Therefor we don’t have such data.

There of course is, and always be, discussion about the selling domains to big companies and the rich and famous. A subject which I don’t want to start in your topic.
To say things short: I am in favor of gifting domains to extend the community and implementing the use further and further.

(I am is stated boldly, because I can not, and may not, speak for the entire ENS DAO)

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Hmm. Interesting response.
I’m not even sure how to reply to that.

I might have some information about notable public figures for you though!


The .eth Leaderboard shows ranking of .eth names, ranked by twitter followers.
Shaq.eth leading the charts with 15,5M followers! :basketball:

Are you a bot by chance ?
I’m joking. thanks for your time.

Haha, thanks. That made me giggle. Check out the @ENSSales (bot :grin:) on Twitter. The account lists all the sales above 1 ETH. Have a nice day Deepnode!


I suggest looking into secondary market stats sites like nonfungible.com as reselling data is not part of ENS protocol so we have no data internally.

I found an interesting site on this. nft-stats.com

Hey Deepnode,
Have you joined the ENS Discord server yet? I suggest you do. Well regardless of that I have a feeling you will find the answers you are looking for on the ENS marketplace discord server. I have learned tons about business in general there. Its a very good community that is down to educate each other. Im pretty sure you will fit in. Another great source is Dune analytics. Good luck on finding the info you need. Peace.

long ago. thank you.

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