ENS Domains Translation

Hello ENS Domains Support,
Is ENS Domains in need of a web translator to Indonesian?


Here’s another thread on this topic: ENS Domain Translations

Also I’m not sure how the Community Working Group subgroups will shake out, but it seems like there may be separate subgroups for various translation languages? Community WG - Request for Subgroups

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Hey Serenae,

Not entirely sure, but I think Translation Services will fall under the Translation sub group, while sub groups for Communities in languages other than English will have their own sub group as well.

I can imagine that the lead coordinator for each Community sub group could aid in Translation Services under the Translation sub group. For example, the lead coordinator for Comunidad Para Hispanohablantes can work with the Translation lead coordinator to translate docs, etc.

@Coltron.eth can probably speak more authoritatively on this, however.

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