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In response to what Nick.eth wrote here: Role & responsibilities of ENS Foundation Director

I would like to nominate myself to be considered as the ENS Foundation Director. I would be happy to answer questions here about my background and qualified skills and experience. I would be particularly interested in speaking with not only the DAO directly, but the working group that is there now. The reason is I do feel it is important for those currently at the helm of the ship to feel very good about any potential addition to the team. Particularly interested in speaking with @nick.eth, @alisha.eth, Kevin and other stewards and others that are crucial to the success of ENS and the future of ENS.

Below are excerpts from Bradley and my responses to them.

The ENS Foundation is a Cayman Islands foundation that exists to serve as a legal entity representing the DAO. More detail on why it exists and what it’s for can be found in the governance docs.

The Foundation currently has three directors; Myself, Kevin Gaspar, and Brantly Millegan. Directors are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Foundation. In practice, this is very little, at least so far; the Foundation has to make annual filings with the Cayman Islands, which are handled by its lawyers and accountants. It has assorted business expenses; as the Foundation does not have a bank account these are currently paid for by True Names Limited (the nonprofit I direct that funds and organizes most ENS development), and requested for reimbursement by the DAO after the fact.

As a founding member of the UltraDAO and on the Core team of Woodies I was responsible for setting up and organizing our legal business formations to protect our civil and tax liabilities. I oversaw the formation of the LLC and I am overseeing decentralized governance including overseeing the creation of a memorandum of law in regards to sufficient decentralization.

In my day job, I am a Vice President of Operations for a Global real estate firm overseeing a multibillion-dollar portfolio. I have been advising City DAO on how large multifamily operations and ownership to the blockchain. I am passionate about decentralization and DAO’s and I also recently established one of the first 100% web3 nonprofit, The Queens of the Metaverse Foundation.

In principle the Foundation’s responsibilities could extend beyond this in time. If the DAO decided it needed, say, a subscription to Google Workplace to give DAO members email addresses etc, the DAO could instruct the Foundation directors to organize and instate this. Likewise, if the DAO wanted to acquire real estate, they would instruct the Directors to carry this out. Foundation directors are free to delegate any of these responsibilities, but it’s their job to make sure it gets done.

I have extensive experience in the real estate world and I could be a huge help from a financial and operations perspective. Under the umbrella of my day job, I supervise over 1,000 employees all hailing from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. My umbrella of responsibility includes HR, Legal, Compliance, IT (I regularly work with owa and networks and systems for efficient working processes as well as various programs and CRMs including set up and training), Sales, Operations and People Leadership.

I am also investigating obtaining Directors and Officers Insurance for the Foundation to further protect directors from personal liability. Personally, I view this risk as small, but difficult to quantify.

I could help in this regard if you would like assistance.

Presently there is no fixed compensation for the role of Director. I’d suggest that the DAO should set some reasonable level of compensation in any proposal that’s put forward to replace or appoint a new director.

I would like to ask that we start with transparency on the compensation package that Brantly and potentially others enjoy to make this process fair and transparent as well as take into account a fair market comparison of compensation for review and approval of the DAO. I understand it is not fixed but is there a precedent?

The Foundation is only required to have one Director under Cayman Islands law. However, I do not think it’s advisable to have only a single director. Three directors provide for redundancy in the event that one cannot serve, and make tiebreaking on votes easier.

I do think this is wise and the more decentralized governance can be the better for the future of the organization.

My recommendation here would be to decide on a reasonable level of remuneration for directors, hold a process to accept nominations for the post of director, and hold a DAO-wide Snapshot vote to appoint one.

I would like to help with this process however I can. Having experience with DAOs this would not be a foreign process for me. As for remuneration what is the standard at ENS now and a fair market evaluation can be completed to give substantive information to the DAO to make good decisions around this.

Why did you only join the ENS forums one day ago? I would feel more comfortable voting for individuals who have been around and involved in discussion for a longer period of time.


I was in the discord previously as well as onboarding and educating about ENS on Twitter, in other discords. I recently learned about this ENS forums due to what I saw as a DAO member a serious issue that needed to be sorted out in which I felt I was qualified to help with as a community member.

Since roles and stewards were set I do feel it is important to allow those people to conduct their work with autonomy. I never delegated my vote to someone else as I wanted to be intimately involved in important issues that should come up that affect the ENS DAO. This is the first opportunity where I felt my unique background and perspective could be helpful.

I think sometimes it is good to look outside immediate circles to see what else you could be missing and if there may be a better way to do things. I appreciate your candidness here and I think it is understandable, but I do humbly request you take some time to get to know me a little better before your decision is resolute.

I have been spending my time helping to build and support various DAOs that have been working for longer than ENS and I think there is a value I can add there from a community, legal, and business perspective.

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I also wanted to mention that the current active group seems realitvely small compared to how large $ENS DAO is and I think getting more people like me involved in the conversation is important.


@HealingVisions I think everyone must be afforded an entry point to the DAO. You especially should be considered if your have relevant experience and skills.

Moving forward, it’s safe to say we all may be a little guarded considering the recent events surrounding Brantly who was a trusted member of our community.

As community member myself, I am going to want to see absolute transparency and a demonstrated track record of inclusion and performance in similar roles. As a steward, I want to facilitate this as a decision made by the DAO in a calm, deliberate, but timely manner.

This process has not been established yet and I’d love to see Meta-governance take the lead on this subject. In the mean time, it may not be productive to have multiple self-nominations. Rather, I would like to see a consolidated list and format similar to our delegate selection and steward selection process.


I’ve copied your nomination post to this thread to serve as a general-purpose nominations thread. Anyone wanting to nominate themselves should do it there.


Absolutely. I have been part of the DAO since the tokens were distributed, and staying up to date, but not contributing more directly until now. Before this I have been more active on Twitter and have promoted ENS in my circles of influence.

I promise to be as absolutely transparent as humanly possible to anyone that wants to get to know me better. I have a track record in crypto and in my professional life I would be happy to share with interested parties that includes establishing diversity and inclusion initiatives with a global company I am currently with ehich included the formation with ERG groups to make sure that all people in the organization felt that our company reflected those values.

I appreciate your feedback and I am happy to follow any procedure the DAO deems efficient and effective in this process.

I belive Nick has started a thread, but in the meantime I am happy to use this space to share relevant information about my background and won’t shy away from tough questions.

I think it would also be great when the time comes to have a call where we can all speak and discuss next best steps to push the ENS DAO forward and begin to put some of this behind us and repair our relationships with the communities we serve.